Couch PODtatoe 5: Attack of the Beaverine

Welcome back traveller, come close to the fire while I spin a new tale, a tale of Couch PODtatoes

This week we discussed the recent change of direction from a couple companies in trying for more diversity in their characters. It was all spurned on by this article about Blizzard changing where the CEO for blizzard made a few statements about creating more diverse characters going forward. We argued a little over the reason for this quite drastic change as just a few months ago Blizzard seemed to be stating the opposite, that they were a company focused on fun not making a social stance.

We talked a bit about the differences in characters and the changes we would like to see and what changes we think were appropriate and I think I’m ok with these sorts of changes in the absence new characters. We also discussed what type of changes are important and about the nature of just trying to be politically correct.

We then ended with a funny question, that I also pose to you dear read.. What diversity makeover would you give to a character?

Lady Gambit for me

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode  5: Diversity (runtime: 46:38

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:20)
Diversity in the Media (starts at 13:46)
Idiots on the Internet: Child Traffickers (starts at 34:00)
Community Talk: Being a Critical Fan (starts at 39:44)

Idiots on the Internet article:

Idiots for this week is the father that sold his son to pay for his free to play gaming habits.

Community Spotlight:

LadyCroft3: Link Saves Zelda
the article:

A talk about being a critical fan and the elements that go into conversation; the balance of being understanding of the flaws as well positive elements. We also talked a little about the fail/hype train for games on release and the article referenced was from Tuxcedo Ninja Gaming.

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