Link Dead Radio: Dangers of the Digital Age

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If you are to read something this week make it this long treatise from game designer Brendan Vance that really just explores everything making up our modern consumer practices, just make yourself a coffee or tea first and find a nice relaxing place to absorb it all. It goes into the changing meanings of word sand how they’ve been appropriated. The nature of games, art and replayability. The changing methods of distribution and the ways this has revolutionised the marketplace and corporate practices and a whole plethora of other concerns. It is the amalgamation of modern game designer concerns wrapped up in one package.

  • Camelot Unchained had a big week of info dumping during and after the BSC Days event. Massively had a few big presentations on a few mechanics and there is a lot answered in the comments section. Keen and Graev got an interview as well. There are heaps of vids on the Camelot Unchained youtube now too.
  • Next month is Blaughust, apparently. An event about being a bit more personal and open in your posts inspired by Belghast and his post a day blog. I’m far from being open in how I talk here and prefer to keep that sort of thing to a minimum but it might be an interesting experiment, just don’t expect a post everyday
  • Talarian is tired of saving the World and talks about his experience in a jrpg just playing as an everyday alchemist in a starnge world. Personally, I’m rather sick of that feeling as well and see it as one of the cutches the industry seems to be relying on far too much.
  • Dragonchasers has a post about the gambling elements within Firefalls shop. It’s an element that is my major issue with the game right now as I will never, ever, EVER pay for a chance at an item. I see it as taking advantage of people.
  • MMO Gypsy talks about Late comers and MMO citizenship. About how you seem to lose a little something when you come into an mmo late as everyone has experienced a commonality you missed.
  • Cogitationes Astalnaris talks about the disappearance of WoW Bloggers  gets a little pensive in his wonderings on where the wow bloggers have gone and it really relates to whatever community. The whys and hows are often hidden but it’s still a sad thing to see people just dissapear.
  • SImcha talks a little about her experience with morality in games with regards to roleplaying characters and game mechanics and how a recent experience of being notorious made her feel.
  • Low Key Gaming discusses the issues the issues they have with Hyper realism and how it can be a little distracting in the way you engage in the rules of the game world.
  • oh and PLUSHIEEEEEEEESSS.. gotta catch em all and here’s a list on where to find them

The Vids

Darkwood Interactive trailer

Rainbow 6

Tekken 7

The long Dark

Repopulation Interview

Rise and Shine


3 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Dangers of the Digital Age

  1. The Camelot Unchained stuff this week has been some of the most exciting MMO news I’ve read in ages. No idea if they can make half of it work, but if they can it sound fantastic. Definitely at the top of my most-wanted list now. Surprised it hasn’t been picked up much by the media outside of massively and though.

    • yeh, it’s all an interesting concept but that”s the questiion. It’s so fantastical you have to wonder first if it will even work and second, if they can achieve it.

      It doesn’t seem to have been picked up many other places and not within general gaming at all. Maybe it will gain more traction the further it goes in development

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