Couch PODtatoe 6: Successful Sexism

Welcome back yall to another exciting adventures for PODTATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

This week the oh so loveable DOONE joined us once more for an exploration of the DIGITAL.. DIGITAL…digital .. FRONTIER. A time where we explore the culture of gaming. For this weeks discussion we delved into the subject of Successful Sexism and yes, that does sound like an oxymoron at first but it will make a lot more sense once you listen a little.

In part it was an interesting discussion. We talked a bit about certain games that used stereotypes or certain characteristics of woman to drive gameplay in new interesting ways by not just making such things a part of the story but a part of the gameplay.

We also discussed the culture of stereotyping in general and how it seems to matter about the intention of the material being used, it can still be a terrible representation but the thought implies being placed in meaningful. Those that are used without thought are the really issue but even when thinking about those, and the more blatant examples of sexism and stereotyping it seems they can still be successful in how the elicit debate around the issues.

Well, continue on for more conversation and leave your thoughts or examples of Successful Sexism Below

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode  6: Successful Sexism (runtime: 50:36)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:53)
Doone’s Digital Frontier: Successful Sexism (starts at 16:00)
Idiots on the Internet: AREAL Fail(starts at 39:09)
Community Talk: Blaugust (starts at 46:08)

Idiots on the Internet article:

For todays idiot on the internet article we had the strange case of the Areal Kickstarter wherein in was subject to many claims of scamming, backed up by information that mostly turned out to be false. It seems like a campaign was organised to discredit the company but then the didn’t do a very good job of countering these claims and adding some legitimacy to their project. It seems like it’s ended in a strange situation where you really can’t tell which party is right.. or which is the idiot in this case.

Community Spotlight:

Belghast: Tales from the Aggronaut
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