Ritual of the Rant

As most of my rants go, the last was just as confrontational and of course just as inadequate at really exploring the depth of my concerns and that of opinions. Going on longer tends to make those posts a wee too long and bordering on unreadable…well, more so than usual. The other part is that you tend to lose steam within that anger after a time and the post turns from amusing attacks to a Mundane Meanderings. In part it’s also an element of purging for me, all that negativity building up over time based on events and experiences just needs to be expelled so the more positive analytical me can return again. To go from looking back at the past to looking back at the future.

You might have seen how I generally stay pretty positive about the future of the genre and even particular mmo’s coming up regardless of information to the contrary. There is a lot out there that says  otherwise  but I keep positive. This in part is due to these little outbursts of mine. Holding all that in is rather poisonous and if I wasn’t letting it out I don’t think I’d be able to write any more.

Before starting the blog this didn’t matter too much. I was just another gamer but once writing you tend to be more analytical, to think about games and these experiences in a more focused and critical way and this often means being drowned in a lot of the negativity. Bullshit about diversity and representation and just the stale state of affairs in the industry, It affects you more than you think sometimes and while letting it out definitely annoys some it’s in my best interests. Sorry if it offended… part of the writing process.

I’m guessing most out there that have been doing it for some time now would deal with the same thing although probably in a different way. If you watch closely at some of those larger sites you can see this too. Changes in the style of writing or just the regularity of certain things. It’s just a matter of realising it then releasing it. I actually think burnout amongst bloggers is a real thing and mostly for this reason… It becomes a burden. Probably for devs too if you think about it.

Anyway thanks all for hanging around