Link Dead Radio: Sexism, Stereotypes and lots of other stuff

The Links

  • A bit more discussion around Sexism in gaming this week. Polygon had an article where they interviewed a number of woman in gaming about there experiences and it was enlightening and awful. Can’t say I ever really want to become popular enough to get that sort of attention…ever. Phoenix down has a look at the article as well and adds to it with her own experiences.
  • Evil as Hobby has a post about the recent failure of the Yogcast game kickstarter. It’s an interesting study of the crowd funded method and issues of accountability
  • Occasional hero talks about the quality of life and convenience mechanics they’d want continued from GW2
  • It seems I link to Reports from the field a lot but.. they write good stuff. Oh, and if your reading this there’s something wrong with commenting. This week check out the Post about nostalgia and modern video games where he explores how the focus on gameplay that often comes from these pair down visions results in a better experience. How the modern industry is mostly fixated on graphics and the difference between these approaches is why those “nostalgic” games are so appealing.
  • Braxwolf Talks about When your too big to succeed and the growing pains that can happen and has recently plagued Contains Moderate Peril.
  • The Mystical Mesmer Discusses the use of stereotyping in language and how much information is often used through the style and accent within. There are a few examples there from recent and popular mmo’s and its an element I hadn’t thought much about but really does provide a lot of information about the characters.
  • Star-Fired Beef follows on from the Massively Article about virtual worlds and talks about styles of content and equating the virtual world to a players ability to have an impact on others and the world. There is also the question if those opposing such things are actually anti-virtual world.
  • Murf Vs has a follow on post from our conversation during Couch PODtatoe and the legitamacy of esports. In it he talks about the definition of the term and it’s origin as well as certain cultural standards that posit physical ability as the only worthwhile type.
  • Xp Chronicles has an amusing article inspired by a game group about what gaming character they’d go go for. Some funny answers there indeed. Me… probably lightning from Final Fantasy because god dammmmmmmn, just badass. Maybe carmen sandiago if I wanted a suga mama
  • Link Save Zelda has a multi discussion around the concept of pre-order bonuses. The elements they like and the parts they loath
  • levelcapped wonders how much power consumers actually have to elicit change and as expected, it seems not much

The Vids

Bioware and Building a better romance

Jenny leclue, adventure game that I’ve kickstarted

Terra Tech or from what I see, robot Wars the game

Sunset a game seeking kickstarter – I find games showing new cultures and points of view rather interesting

Check in, Check out – Smash Brothers meets broforce

That cryptic trailer from Bioware

halo Nightfall

Lords of the Fallen trailer and gameplay vid

Heaps of beta vids for the crew out now too

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