Firefall: A new what to do for a newb like you

There is a lot that’s changed in Firefall now and it seems a lot of what I wrote before in my noob guide is a little obsolete. Changes to the way things are done or in the activities you do. Some things I still have to check on a new account to see whether they operate in the same way. It’s still  valuable guide for a few elements though and you can find it here

DO Stuff

Yep, my initial style of play still stands for those trying the game out for the first time and that is just do stuff. The world is there to be explored and there are still a lot of events out there to enjoy at your leisure. There is no set path for you to travel and with a group you can enjoy whatever the world has to offer. Explore the world and just enjoy whatever content is nearby… or if you’re like me just kill ALLL the things. Pick up quests, complete events while to spin or find a nice pretty place to drop a thumper.

My biggest piece of advice whenever you jump in to play is to give a message in chat looking for a group.. A group to thump, run job boards and Ares or just roam around together. No matter who you get your bound to be able to quest together as the usual level/quest issues don’t matter as much. Your free to play solo but, company is always better. Also, there is an in built voice chat just push caps lock to talk (default)that has issues but works pretty well for groups.

There are level ranges for the content now though, the mobs get tougher as you go in terms of the damage they put on and the amount of health but there is a large range there wherein if you move well and shoot straight you’ll still be able to do a lot of stuff. Starting from Copacabana the levels go up towards Thump dump then the mid teens progress from Copa to the south-east. This is a guide and if you don’t mind difficulty spread out from your comfort zone.


In the beginning you should be more worried about getting Experience and crystite (the main currency), usable weapons will probably drop in time and in those early levels you won’t be punished for just using whatever you pick up. After spending a little time I’d recommend getting a few health  and ammo packs; the health packs can be crafted with minimal ingredients and the ammo are purchased with crystite at most Ares suppliers for a minimal cost. If you’ve run some of the job boards you also might have enough to buy a weapon at Ares vendors.

The tutorial is a great place to start as well, it rewards some decent stuff and the experience rewards are excellent as well. It also provides a decent experience throughout the event and instances and is a great place to learn the basics of play.

Find a battleframe you like. In the beginning just try out the various basic frames to find what playstlye is for you. Assault is your mid range damage specialist, Dreadnought for survivability, Recon for the long range deeps, engineer for turrets and support and Bioframe for healing and poison. The advanced frames are variations of these with a more focused approach. Now the basic frames are free but you will have to unlock the advanced frames in order to play them. One method is to level a frame to 40, this will give tokens redeemable for any advanced frame. Alternatively you can convert crystite to credits and buy one through the market which will cost around 100k crystite (right now) or through the store.

One thing you should remember while playing is to salvage just about everything you’re not using or won’t use in the future. Later you can worry about alternative frames but during the start the materials you get from salvaging will help you craft things you do want. This is done by either right clicking the item in your inventory and then clicking salvage or dragging them to the salvaging box at the bottom where you can do multiple items at a time. Even with a lot of the later gear and items you still need some of these early components gained from salvaging so stock up as you go. The other thing Salvaging does is give you research credits, these are one of costs to uncovering new recipes.

Getting to Stuff

Travelling around can be a little difficult when you first start out as you move quite slowly through the world when just relying on a frame and the shift to sprint button but there are a few elements to help out. In each point of interest there will usually be a number of glider pads, these are excellent for moving away from these points as they are often up high and with practice you can travel significant distances from them. If you want your own to place down you can craft one use pads for a cheap crystite cost and also spend job tokens at vendors for a pack of them. The permanent ones can be bought on the market for credits or store for money.

Firefall glider

In the major camps Dropships will periodically stop by and continue on. Each of these have an certain path which is visible above them when close. While these travel a bit slow they do have a direct path to their destination and you can even jump from them in transit and get a glider for the way down.

Firefall dropship

LGV, the motorcycle units are an excellent way to get around although, early on the only way to attain one is from the cash shop or on the market. While levelling you do get a few one time use LGV’s but the main free one is gained from getting to level 40 on a frame. The other way to get around is via Arcporters, these are only within the major towns within the Coral forest, as well as Devils Tusk and the PvP continent. These do provide transit to several places without an arc porter and within the first man a quick port to Trans Hub but the main use is to go between the different maps.

Firefall arcporter

The Stuff

There are a ton of dynamically occurring ares missions throughout the world. They seem a little less common now but still provide a good go to activity for when in between activities or in transit. My last guide still has a decent list so I won’t go into the types too much.

A new addition is job boards. These are in most points of interest on the map and a place where you accept missions to complete. These are often a multi staged quest that take you around the area it was accepted and, like most things involve killing stuff. These can get a little tough occasionally so it’s good to have help although, anyone passing by can join in as well. To accept these you must be at or above the level range of that outpost or, alternatively you can have someone at or above it’s level in your group accept it. These reward quite well giving decent experience, crystite and even item rewards. These also reward tokens based on the area they were accepted which are redeemable for decent quality weapons, abilities and frame upgrades. Oh and gold tokens to place in a special slot machine for gambling that often just rewards a few consumables.

Firefall job board

Thumping has changed a little now. Personal Thumpers are a little harder to solo although still possible. The big change comes form their ability to extract materials, the higher tier resources can only be extracted with the higher tier thumpers: Stock Thumpers get iron, T1 for Tungsten,T2 for Titanium and T3 for uranium. While the experience gain from these isn’t that great they give a lot of resources both from what is mined and from the mobs. When refined the metals also give a decent amount of crystite as well. Just watch out for hordes of chosen when you drop a squad thumper.

To get the most of Thumping you first want to find a good spot, for this put you Scan Hammer on your toolbar by dragging from your inventory and then smack the ground a little. You’ll notice some colours pop up and the thing to look for is a brighter highlight going over the top in a certain direction, follow that to find the peak.

Firefall thumping

Mission Running is by far your best source of xp, if that’s your thing and they are all repeatable. Generally these run for about 30 minutes and have a few goals to complete throughout. The further you get through the list the longer and more involved they seem to get too, as well as more challenging. These are accessed from a few different points; the special drop ships at Copa and thump dump and the Arcporters will give a list of them on activation. An easy way to do these is to complete with a more upgraded frame and then switch into another frame before leaving in order to give experience where needed.

If your feeling up to it Devils Tusk is the end game zone going from the level ranges 37 to 40. This is the chosen warfront where, as time goes the community pushes back the melding to reveal new space and content. It is an interesting concept and it’s nice to have a communal goal like this although the effort needed seems a little disproportionate. The main form of content here is very similar although there are no regular LGV or thumper extractions, just a few new ares missions on a much quicker reset and job boards.

Firefall Devils

The new events here are chosen Thumpers which are quite difficult. A number of chosen around these with a canon on top of the thumper that can, and probably will one shot you. of course it also spawns a lot of arahna enemies as well. It rewards higher tier materials when destroyed.

Through completing some of the events here you will also be given the dark crystal material based on the area of completion. This is used for manufacturing dark crystal cores of varying type that are handed into the mission control in order to increase the current war effort. On getting to 100% a new space emerges and the battle for it begins.


Now this is just a basic rundown of the content available in game at the moment and by no means goes into the details of these.. that would take WAAAAAAAAY to many words. It can be a little confusing after being dumped into the world after the tutorial and well, this probably didn’t help much. The main thing I wanted to get across here, that I see as a problem lately is to not just rely on the job boards, they are a great tool and point of guidance but by no means the only thing to do. Just find your own path, try what’s available and what you see nearby. If you have any questions just leave a comment below

And remember the age old Firefall adage… A thump a day keeps the chosen at bay

NEXT GUIDE – Progression and Crafting

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  2. Perfect timing, thanks j3w3l! I just finished installing it last night, so I’m keen to give it a go and am up for cruising about in your slipstream. 😛 Steam username is Menashi, will probably use that in game too, so grab me if I’m online.

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  4. Well i ve got a couple of friends that played the “beta” and they suggested i keep away from the game. But 2 days now that i am playing ( got a 15 biotech and a 12 recluse) i can say this game has potential especially if you are familiar with mmorpg elements such as quests/grinding/marketplace. Your guide helped a lot i would like to thank you for that 🙂 Btw i am still new though i am learning fast if you guys want we can do some thumping some time 🙂 Hit me up VerseExtremis. Would love to team up ! Keep it up with the guides cheers

    • I run on aussie time so that can be a bit funny but I’ll chuck you an invite tomorrow night and then maybe catch up on the weekend.

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