Blaugust Begins


After a little bit of thinking and wondering about this BLAUGUST event everyone’s talking about and whether I actually could achieve it I thought, why not. You see for most things I plan to do it usually ends up that I get halfway through and then either lose interest or forget about them entirely, usually a combination of the two and I expect this to been kind of the same thing. Having a look at just this blog are a number of forgotten projects and at home, well.. lets not start there. If I couldn’t go the whole way well why bother but then I thought it would be an interesting experiment anyway.

I’m not one to be stuck in a routine and I absolutely hate having that feeling of responsibility towards something like that. My current study is taking much longer than it needs to simply because my mind seems to rebel against such things. It seeks at other things to enjoy or take up time and my willpower isn’t strong enough to resist.

Another reason was that I don’t think I live that interesting a life. We are a little tight with money still and while we do spend a little on our own vices it doesn’t leave much for exciting adventures. I also work throughout the week and usually that isn’t that interesting although, some of the activities we get up to might interest a few of you parents out there. We are doing a lot of sensory based play at the moment and one activity last week involved painting with jelly. Was a lot of fun =p



The reason I did want to give it a go is because this might give me a reason to post all those half finished and smaller ideas I had in a timely fashion. I have quite a few there and my usually style of writing involves trying to flesh out the idea until they are worthy of the Word Spam moniker. It also should be fun letting you all know about just how crazy I am.

Anyway Happy Blaugust and and let the games begin
Oh and I think I meant to link to this Blaugust Anook social page thingy but have no idea how the functionality on it works

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7 thoughts on “Blaugust Begins

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  2. I agree, J3w3l should unleash her true crazy. Me on the other hand? I’m very mundane. I’m afraid theres no crazy to unleash.

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  4. You say you might don’t lead an interesting life ? Well I am an anxious person who sit’s in all the time and have no life šŸ˜› I find things to share. YOU CAN DO IT HUN! šŸ™‚ You live a life I don’t life, I would find it interesting to see what you do šŸ™‚

    • well I was on top of the housing cleaning a gutter on the weekend too.. FUN. Hands deep in gank with spiders and ants running over my gloves. Exciting maybe, interesting no lol. I am planning on starting my vegie garden soon though, a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

      • Eeeww. I’m to screamish for that, dealing with ants and spiders šŸ˜› I jump everytime I see a spider on a photo. I wish i had room for a proper veggie garden. I do have some tomatoe plants, cucumber and herbs tho šŸ™‚ Taste really nice when you grow it urself.

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