Couch PODtatoe 7: Sandbox Round Table

For this week we had our first ever round table discussion and it was great to have more people along. It was a much bigger discussion point so it was great to have the venerable Roger from Contains moderate Peril and the Adorable Missy from Missy’s MOJO. It’s actually rather hard to organise these things, Izzy handled getting everyone together but I just mean enabling everyone space to talk without certain people (me) overwhelming the discussion. It’s funny that the more we do this the more comfortable I seem to become in putting my point across.

Now I still get nervous about doing all this and am not comfortable with hearing myself, although most people aren’t but it seems once you get into the flow of things you kind of forget all the issues you have and concerns for the end product and just have a natural discussion with someone. It’s weird though as when talking to people usually I’m quite the opposite, talking a lot and being fine with a friend or even new colleague but then once it gets to a small group size I retreat back into my shell, preferring the reserved thoughtful approach.  Sometimes I end up not even adding to a conversation and just nod my head and say yeh a lot.

I think that comes down to my more introverted nature. It’s not scary beign in a group or talking that way but more some sense of not wanting to break the current conversation, or butt in with my own opinion. Online tends to remove a lot of that so it feels more free to discuss things which I guess is great for a podcast. I don’t think i will ever be 100% comfortable or even overwhelmingly positive about the experience of podcasting but will hopefully become comfortable in time.


This week’s discussion, the sandbox and talking about the elements we enjoy and a few big parts that make up the experience. The definition of sandbox was the first talk and it’s odd just how confusing that term has become and well, how it can encompass so many experiences.

There was talk about having elements of PvP in games, how they are incorporated and the effect they can have and I think we came to the conclusion that these are some elements that improve the experience but there need to be certain fail safes there. That it can’t just be gank happy but have elements that protect but still allow flexibility.

There was of course discussion about economy and whether or not it is a required feature for an mmo to work. If it is included what style of crafting should be included and just how deep should the rabbit hole of economy go.

Lastly there was progression, and just how far it should go. Are levels a good thing, do you need power growth or are horizontal elements of growth just as important. Oh and then we talked about the interest in survival type games lately and whether this would make for a good mmo. Would player needs and permadeath work in a more persistent environment.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 7: Sandbox Roundtable (runtime: 1:05:47)

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MMO’s aren’t dead… they never got a chance

So it’s the second day of writing now and I’m already thinking this was a bad idea. I’, running late on my post, again although technically my firefall guide was the first but.. WHATEVER.. It’s funny writing these daily posts as I do have a lot I want to get to but I never know what to focus on next as there is really a lot going on. And then, do I focus on personal things or mmo based opinions…hmm MMO today.

There has been a bit of rumination in the community lately about whether MMO’s are dying. You can track my own feelings on that here and it does seem like there is a growing amount of discontent towards the genre from those that enjoy the medium and even those coming from other games. It’s just not the same feeling anymore and that isn’t some sort of nostalgia talking. I wasn’t even involved in those earlier times and even I feel like something is missing now.

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