Link Dead Radio: the Rodeo Round-up

The Links

  • First there has been a new newbie blogger to enter the ring lately that I’m really excited to read more of so go check out Gaming Conjecture
  • This should have been in last weeks round up by Far Beyond My Capacity has a great round up from the camelot Unchained BSC days event
  • My Inner Geek wonders if Overanalyzing can ruin the experience and I have to agree. The more you know about a subject it seems the greater criticism you rail against it and the more comparisons you make.
  • Contains Moderate Peril ponders what happens when MMoO’s die adn the emotional impact it has on players that experience this
  • Murf Vs takes an amusing look at game design by trying to combine the developing prowess of the mmo companies Blizzard and Soe and how an mmo would be constructed if the better elements of both were combined.
  • Gamer by design continues his series on complexity and depth in mmo’s with a look at character use, classes and combat dynamics
  • And finally, youll never, EVER be as good at minecraft as the people in this design competition

the Vids

Airmech – a new rts type moba thingy i guess

firefall trailer

trove review -corgi guns haha

last of us

Aegis Defenders a side scrolling Tower defence type thingy on kickstarter

never Alone, a game being financed by an actual alaskan tribal council as a way of showing it’s culture to the world.

The sun also Rises

world of Warcraft lore recap

La Cops Early Access vid


The bits about me

thought I’d offer Up a few facts this time for those wanting to know more about me, a couple of these are from a previous post though so I guess i’m cheating a little

1. If I was born 1 hour later I would technically be 7 years old (born on leap year day)

2. I’m Narcoleptic. My brain works in a way so that it is usually in a constant state of alpha punctuated with theta waves. This basically means I’m never quite awake or asleep. It’s another element that has a lot to do with how well I can keep attention, how much information I retain and whether and a HUGE part in my motivation.

3. As of this month I officially have an open license which means I can teach others how to drive now, not that I would because I’m a terrible driver as I’ve taken on my dad’s hoon nature and like going fast. I also still make broom noises

4. next month will be my 7th year anniversary with the hubby, well not hubby technically because we aren’t married yet (money issues because he keeps hurting himself lol).. i swear it will happen eventually but it’s been long enough now that I think just a small family one.

5. I’ve been working in childcare for.. hmm… 10 years I think.. wow I’m really freekin crazy. There was a year or two free there where I was doing other things but most of that has been dealing with children, and mostly toddlers. Getting to a stage now where I can’t keep up as much though haha.

6. I’m still a little bit afraid of the dark and imagine monsters and ghosts watching me, plus that lady under the bed. Also that drain gurgling sound with water going down creeps me the hell out.

7. I’M SMART.. no seriously, usually getting iq tests in the 95th percentile although my study results are always around average.

8. I used to game at all times with a little cute fluffy tiger but it got eaten by the dog. Now it’s a cute green stegosaurus that I stole from work

9. I used to be seriously obsessed with Penguins and collected a lot of figurines, books and other items of them.. i even crafted my own cuddly penguin. Oh, and a cute cross stitch penguin bookmark… oh and a crocheted penguin scarf. yeh, cookoo

10. I’ve been getting a little scared of heights lately which is weird. Got up on the roof last weekend to clean gutter and I felt scared for a second there. Growing up this was always an area of fearlessness. My me space at all my houses growing up was on the roof… staring at stars and getting all philosophical. I fell asleep up there once and had the police called because mum couldn’t find me. I’ve painted multi tory queenslanders on wobbly trestles. I even jumped from a friends roof into his pool… Heights were never an issue but now… hmm.


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    • I haven’t commented yet I know.. well I think I haven’t haha but your writing some awesome stuff there, glad to give a signal boost

  1. Thanks for the link 🙂
    I’ve noticed I’ve started getting a bit scared of heights too. I can’t go on the same rollercoaster rides I used to when I was younger. Perhaps it’s just a symptom of turning into an old person :/

    • Your welcome for the link and thanks again for the amazing round up… I think that tweet did more though lol
      And god forbid it’s that but yeh i think so haha

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