Progress Report: Movies and MMO Madness

WHAT A WEEk.. Blaugust continues with another exciting posts and there are so many more flooding into my feedly everyday. I’m finding so many more bloggers that I’d either skipped over, missed or that have returned form the grave to write once more and it is a great thing to see. For me, it’s starting to wear a little. I don’t write this often and kind of have my own schedule for a reason and that is so as to not burn out… mainly because I like playing games too instead of rambling away.

For the week it it’s been busy as usual. Exciting times at the kindy as we are planning a lot of sensory type activities which means being able to get messy and have fun during the day…messy is awesome. Goop (cornflour and water) to play with one day, painting with jelly for another ooh and pretend cooking with rainbow spaghetti and scented rice. So many more fun things as well.

On Saturday I got to see the amazing Guardians of the Galaxy with a friend and I have to say that is just a perfect blockbuster movie and one of my favourites of the year. favourite movies for a long time. It doesn’t have some mighty message or really show some new themes and such. It just has a collection of interesting characters that it envisions well while getting you attached to them, all the time sending you on a great thrill ride of action and comedy.

Afterwards we began having a conversation on the predominance of humanoid type aliens and how this seems rather unlikely in the grand scheme of things. With the huge number of variables for a planets environment and then the evolutionary style it would seem that there should be a greater variety of alien types. Yes you had rocket and groot but because of that I think you kind of overlook the rest of the background cast.

Thinking over it further it seems that this is a modern complication lately. That most sci-fi adventures seem to assume human is the default form, that is unless the are attacking earth, and I can’t think of many that break from that. From older movies the best example is the star wars universe. they just seemed to think about alien design in a way of differentiating from humans.

For gaming it hasn’t actually been that much

A little bit of Hearthstone. The new plague quarter which is kind of the same thing again; easy beginner stages and gimmicky hard mode. I think I’ve lost my interest init now though for some reason as those daily habits  slipped off long ago. These new releases brought it back for a time but its just not interesting me. I think it was all  the zoo decks.. oh and hunters…. probably the pay to win warrior spam that killed it during arena modes. It’s just so stagnant up there. Maybe I should go back and give Hex a try again, I here they’ve had some big updates although the talk is Pay to win right now.

I actually ended up visiting my huge boat construction in Terraria to start migrating over a bit of my old cosmetics and housing pieces. I have so much stashed in the castle I made during some server escapades and getting them from one place to another takes a bit of time. I did a little more decorating too and the recreation spaces of the bar and library are starting to look cozy.


Of course I’ve been playing Firefall and actually been alting. Yeh, the world is ending. I’ve still been playing on my Dragonfly frame a fair bit just because it’s my must upgraded frame and it’s fun to bounce around all overpowered. I’ve been trying out the new instances too and they seem to be well designed with some good action points, decent mechanics and take a reasonable amount of time. They even seem to autogroup if others try to join as well. They tend to get a bit into the lore of the land as well and the different factions and such vying for control and about your own rise to power. I did have some issues though with getting into these instances as it seemed i didn’t meet the requirements for 6 and 7.. and issue that has persisted.




Now the Tigerclaw is one of the Assault frames and that primary weapon packs a decent punch. It’s rather funny killing something in a couple hits rather than the weapon spam it takes on the Dragonfly. For something to continue playing on I’m not sure, The actual abilities don’t seem to grab me as much as the other frames and I think I’d like the Firecat a lot more because Fire is just waaaaaaaaaaaay cooler. Recluse is awesome though, totally overpowered with it’s extensive aoe which is fun from time to time. Bastion is still the turret farm it was before but the turrets don’t seem as effective as they used to be. They don’t have as much health and need to be replaced rather commonly, so you actually have to maintain them now which I’m not sure is that bad a change. They were the go to frame fro thumping but before it was a easy solo thing and now you have to pay attention.

Playing with friends is just so easy and that is great. Having a higher frame helps as it can level down to the current zone and instance to a certain amount so you don’t completely overwhelm the experience for your party. Still O.P but not enough to ruin it. It’s nice that they can join you in the higher spaces too and this is an excellent way of speed leveling too.

The thing I really miss is the abundance of ares events and other world based events that was back in beta. Right now the occurrence of these is incredibly short which for those of us who no longer need to level that much isn’t a major issue. We also most likely have the transportation required in order to get between these points in order to contribute but those starting out will find it hard to join in with these. You get one occasionally but the added travel time means that they can and probably will miss out on these.

getting around in style

getting around in style

This means that new players are now relying on the job boards as the foundation for progression and well.. these don’t give that good an experience. many are badly planned, the escort ones in particular and the constant back and forth travel required is tedious. These would be a great filler and offer extra guidance to those that needed but they’re boring as the main course. The open world exploration and freedom events provided was a great foundation for gameplay and it seems that’s been eroded so as to be more traditional.

Oh, NEW MOUSE NOW HURRRAY.. although I thought I bout the same model as before but it seems it’s an updated version that doesn’t have the same functionality as my old one. My old mouse had wireless capabilities but could be plugged back in for recharging and just better performance, this one doesn’t have that. Also the buttons are weeeeeeeeeeeeeird and it seems not as many buttons to bind. Hmmm. This did mean I could jump back into Wildstar once more but getting used to the buttons again, as well as my usual killing combos. NO judgement yet about my return as I didn’t have enough time last night to decide but I should play more in the week to come.

Well that’s it folks and may your virtual swords be filled with spikey bits.

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  1. Great blog, I enjoy reading you, thanks for taking the time & sharing.
    I’m a kickstarter Hex backer. It isnt PTW, but right now, its PVP only, which means draft or constructed. If you want to play constructed then yea, you;ll need a decent deck. But you could play draft – where you keep what you draft & win decks based on where you finish in that tourny. PVE will be free, but as its a TCG,, then there is a cost to playing draft (packs)

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