Balance and a focus on the moment

As much as I’ve moaned about the whole blaugust thing so far I think I have learnt quite a bit in just this week. Well for start there is the fact that writing every day just isn’t for me but I think I’ll keep trying just to see what other life lessons I can squeeze out of it for now. I know Bel said recently that the lesson isn’t really about writing everyday anyway but just making it into some sort of routine, a routine for you that works and enables you to establish yourself while avoiding the whole issue with burning out.

I get that and it’s something that is important to remember but the thing I’ve really learnt, and this is an extension of that, is that it is about having a certain balance to things. A balanced blogging life but it extends far further than that to having a balanced life in regards to hobbies, interests, friends families and everything else. Sometimes you do need to schedule time away for all these things in order to find a balance. I’m more insular so the rare outing suffices to me but even at home with  my own interests it’s a hard balance to achieve.

For a while now I’ve seen gaming just about completely take over my other interests. I play countless hours in RPG A or platformer B yet I forget about my interest in music and movies and television. I used to enjoy sketching things as well but that hasn’t been a part of my free time for years and it’s been even longer than that since I painted a miniature. Those things are something I just kind of forget within the moment of gaming yet looking back I do feel a little guilty about it.

definitely would be warmachine and cryx if I did it again

definitely would be warmachine and cryx if I did it again

Lately I have been trying to attain more of this balance in interests just because I do miss those experiences and the enjoyment they provide. I’ve been watching more anime again, I’ve redownloaded some of the shows I enjoyed as well as getting updated on a few current ones. I’ve been listening to music again; some albums I missed and still own, going through YouTube and cutting back in gaming podcasts just to listen to the radio on the way to work. Triple J for me, not one of those more mainstream idiotic chat back ones and enjoying it immensely. It’s nice to get back on those things I do enjoy but don’t seem to make time for otherwise.

The only issue with that is that I tend to multi-task far too much… well multi-task isn’t the right word I think, more .. overload. I never just have one thing I’m focusing on, one thing to look and engage with but a plethora of things vying for my attention at once. The T’v is blaring away, I’m gaming and then maybe checking my phone for twitter things (seriously, screw you all for getting me into that). We talked a little about Simchas post on the Podcast this morning but it really holds true  here in that I’m never truly in the moment, not just thinking of the present but in the moment for a single thing and I think I miss out because of it.

It is really getting into those moments with a single thing that builds those memories and experiences you take with you. Just last week I remember sitting at the cafe with a hot ginger and lemongrass tea (seriously, orgasm in a cup) while staring out the window and listening to a Chet Faker album for most of my hour break. I wasn’t worried about what the internet was doing or anything else just being in that moment and it was wonderful.

I need these sorts of moments more often so I think I’m going to cut back on a lot on all these modern elements. It’s hard as it’s just so pervasive these days and your connected to so many elements at any one time all trying to compete for your attention but it’s just too much now. Time to just focus on one thing entirely; the game I’m playing, the anime I’m enjoying or even just writing a post which I thought I was going to do but ended up researching wargaming.. sigh… guess it takes time to achieve haha.


9 thoughts on “Balance and a focus on the moment

  1. Oh man… the Warmachine game is so very tempting. I must have hundreds of dollars of Warmachine/Hordes minis in the garage which haven’t been touched for years (I used to run a FLGS). I won’t take the plunge, however, as I simply don’t have the singular time needed to devote to such a hugely engrossing hobby.

    But so many other things get left to the wayside when we get so focused. Sometimes I stop and look about to realize that I haven’t done anything other than gaming-related stuffs in days– then proceed to find something outside to do.

    • wow, owning your own little pozy.. nice thing for a time but I guess in this age hard to get enough business. would be nice though..dreams hazilly…

      It’s a huge hobby if your worried about the gaming aspects but to me with this, as it was when i collected warhammer and 40k it’s more just for painting. I enjoy that aspect.

  2. My half-painted Cryx miniature (that way for years) thanks you for the guilt trip.

    Still… it’s probably not going to get done for a while yet. 🙂 Dat balance thing. No room in life yet for painting minis. *sighs*

  3. It’s interesting, I have the same feeling that I’m missing out as you do, but for the opposite reason. I can’t spread my attention between things. I can’t split the screen and have video running while playing a game. I can’t listen to a podcast while doing anything else because my attention gets focused on what I’m doing, so the podcast gets relegated to background noise until some keyword breaks through and I realise I have no idea what they’ve been talking about. About the best I can do is have music playing in the background while reading/playing games. So I wonder wtf is wrong with me when I see people listing all the podcasts + tv + games + reading (+ writing about it all!) they’ve gone through in a week and then I remember that they’ve all been doing two or three things simultaneously. Then I get jealous.

    I have realised that I have to let go of the constant feeling that there is always something else I *could* be doing instead. When I’m gaming I *could* be watching anime, when I’m reading I *could* be blogging instead. It’s a recipe for permanent dissatisfaction.

    • No that’s pretty much exactly what I’m talking about. I Zoo feel that need to get the most out of my time and delve into the widest range of activities but you can never maintain that attention enough. You always miss parts and don’t get the full experience.

      I’ve tried to do that though but just feel I’m missing out now because of it. I want to experience something fully rather than the deluted version and yeh, dissatisfaction

  4. This seems to be an on-going theme with peers I talk to about our gaming habbits. I have these two younger cousins, both high school aged who I always tease for being overly distracted. I think I get like that at times. I want to put my attention on so many things at once, but doing so means I don’t get to fully enjoy any one thing. I miss that.

    Murf was the last person I talked to about this in gaming and we seem to be of the same mind. Almost 2 years ago I decided to limit the number of games I buy each year. Part of it was to stop spending so much money on games, but the other was so I could fully enjoy the ones I already have. I’ve been doing pretty good! I buy far fewer games and there’s nothing in my Steam library that I bought and haven’t played for a few hours. The biggest problem I have is that my backlog shows I dont spend enough time with the games I already own (except for the handful of favorites).

    The games on the list that show as unplayed usually are: 1) Games I owned on console first so I play them on console and got these spares from some sale or other or 2) I owned them on PC before Steam and played them outside of Steam. Reveal your backlog J3w3l!

    • I’ll never tell hehe.. Probably worse if you combine all my games form other sites, plus a few console titles.
      It seems your the opposite to me.. The reason I’m bad though is not because I’m a tourist but more that I want to feel finished with a game before I move to the next. A few titles stick around longer and one or two for consistent play, this leaves my played list say bad but my hours pretty reasonably on the titles I do play.

      My issue is more trying to do to many things while gaming.. A TV show in the background, a Podcast or music from computer whole playing a game… You just lose that focus and I want more of that.

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