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Usually I tend to write at night after I get home from work, or after a busy day. It’s nice to relax in that way without the hyperactivity of gaming while still doing something rather sedentary. Instead I’m up extremely late in the morning writing because I just didn’t have the attention to write last night and seemed to have crashed for about a 10 hour sleep.

I think it would have been longer but the hubby was jittering around like the dog does when it’s sleeping, legs and arms moving in some semblance of a run with some kind of deep rumbling utterances. It might have been cute if not for the knee in my butt with a decent amount of force that jolted me awake. Might have been more sleep if not for that.

Anyway while I didn’t feel like writing last night I did get in a fair amount of gaming. I continued my second play through of XCom and well…things went rather badly. I ended up trying to siege the first alien base you get access too and I just wasn’t prepared for it. One after the other my crack team of soldiers went down to the onslaught of aliens until there was but a single soldier left. It was a rather sad moment.


It was actually a rather surreal moment seeing the party fail over the period of the mission and rather upsetting once again. I even sent most of my best soldiers into this and having mostly rookies left afterwards leaves you in a state wondering if you should even continue on. I’m glad I’m not the one in charge of that bloggers playthrough Jeromai is doing or it would be over very quickly. I’m thinking this is where it helps to have had a full play through already so you know what’s coming and what’s needed instead of bumbling onwards.

A big part of my failings has to do with how I play. I’m far more the charge in and learn as I go sort of person, to jump into the fray and kill as many as I can in that time while learning from this experience and adapting to the next circumstance. This is the plan each moment sort of thing. I think that’s why I’ve always prefered the more action based RPG or the real time strategy style as you play more in the moment and run a bit on instinct and the feel of each engagement.

Doone, a blogger and gaming friend has always called me a bit of a killer, a psychopath when I play because of this aspect but it’s far more a lust after the adrenaline fueled feelings that come from being engaged with combat. I don’t try and distance from that feeling with rationality as much. A community thing at the moment seems to be taking the Bartle test and it mostly seems to confirm what I thought here.


Exploring for me is this feeling of learning and , add that to the killer aspect and I learn a lot more from being in that moment. I learn from being and doing, to practise as I go and formulate new plans during the action or afterwards. It’s not just as simply as being psychopathic (although that is part) just reveling in the specific encounter. I also hold no compunction with my virtual avatars dying either, I do form certain connections to them but not enough to worry about their demise. They’re more tools than anything, tools that I do get connected to but as good as their usefulness.

Now while I do think the Bartle is maybe important in determining a players play style it really doesn’t go deep enough as their are so many more motivations within them as well as personality aspects in how you go about it. Being an explorer for instance can involve a whole range of different areas; of places, combat, character, politics, gossip or even delving into the inner workings of the games combat equations. Killer isn’t just murdering other individuals and even when it is there are other motives behind killing like retribution, control and many others.

Anyway.. back to getting people killed in XCom I think
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11 thoughts on “Personality and Playstyle

  1. If there was an achievement for use of Overwatch in XCom I’d have got it in the first mission.
    I tend to play it rather cautiously, maybe wanting to avoid loosing the experience already gained in the characters

    • I’d like to play that way but I always end up charging in and blasting away at the stuff, tends to work out well except for when you aggro two packs of those cysalid thingies who promptly devour one member with the other being sacrificed in a hail of missiles and grenade spam

  2. Good old Bartle. If nothing else that test makes a good starting point for discussions. As did your post, which I have bounced of at a very sharp angle!

    Now let’s see if this comment will post.

  3. I did it too and i was surprised i wasnt more of a social butterfly than killer:):) ppl have predudices against pvp even if they never tried it. I had to and im thankful i forced myself to try it. So much fun!!

    • see, killer isn’t just pvp. the definition is far more open then that and more about the more adventurous and challenging encounters as well as things revolving around conflict. Or just being really into the whole PvE killing stuff attitude which I get into a lot in my grinding states.
      pvp also has a few social elements too like playing with and being challenged by other players

  4. Nice to see the killers in this thread getting along well 🙂

    I took the test years ago and I only remember that my primary stat was Explorer. I retook it last week and it’s Socializer now. So I guess I’ve evolved! My gamer DNA is SEAK. I wish I could know what proportion of players are SKXX or KSXX. I’m betting those are rare but it’s an interesting combination anyway.

    • It’s funny but I think we do change in our play styles, quite drastically too. And us killers have to stick together, at least long enough to harvest a few sheep =p

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