Couch PODtatoe 8: Nostalgia Trip

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This weeks discussion focussed around Nostalgia, the way we seek it out and how media seems to be focusing in on this area lately. It has seen a lot of discussion in the community of late to so why not give it a little podtatoe action.

WE discussed a bit about what nostalgia means to us and how we approach it and what elements of nostalgia we enjoyed. We then look into the elements we think help nostalgia in appealing to us as well as what turns us away.

The larger discussion we had centered around using popular or well known I.P when creating a remake or bringing back a certain I.P into the mainstream. There were a few games and movies we discussed here as well as pointing out a few articles we’ve read recently. In the end it seems I’m ok when it comes to changing the plot and even the themes and aesthetic but when they change the personality of characters or the game.. the feeling of it which is pretty hard to describe.

And the question we leave you with for this pod is what nostalgic game experience would you dig up for a remake?

Articles related to the discussion:

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 8: Nostalgia (runtime: 55:38)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:14)
Discussion: Nostalgia (starts at 13:55)
Idiots on the Internet: Gamestop Credit Card (starts at 43:20)
Community Talk: Simcha’s look at the present (starts at 50:44)


Idiots on the Internet article:

Gamestop has been pretty incredulous lately and even just this week had a few things to choose from but the credit card I think topped them all.

Community Spotlight:
Simcha @ Simcha’s Many Lives
the article:

Tied into our talks of Nostalgie well here with not worrying too much about the past or future but living in the moment. It also spurned in a post of my own.

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