Link Dead Radio: Violence and the simple things

The Links

  • Mr luvva luvva wonders if Hd Re-releases have a place in gaming and looks at both sides of the argument: cashing in on shoddy games and bad ports or the type that truly get updated aesthetically and mechanically.
  • Braxwolf is looking at changes to simplicity in mmo’s lately and how it can change the experience for better and worse
  • An interesting discussion this week has revolved around Violence in games and what a parentsplace is in picking what’s appropriate. Aggro Range looks at it from the different types of violence and the context it is in. Why I game gets all philosophical like only he could with weaving in psychological studies and principles within his own experiences.
  • Alt:ernative has a wonderful initiative asking people 10 questions for the 10 year anniversery of World of Warcraft.
  • The Chindividual looks at the battle of this console generation and the restricted nature of cross platform play
  • I meant to include this last week but check out a post over at Exhaust Port that looks into whether Frank Underwood (House Of Cards) is the most accurate gamer on T.V with just how natural gaming seems here.

The vids

Expendabros is a movie – game tie in by the broforce team and it’s free on steam

Hard West Kickstarter trailer


sacred 3

secret Ponchos – matador

Road Not Taken

Road Redemption – Raining cars

4 thoughts on “Link Dead Radio: Violence and the simple things

  1. Road Not Taken looks so charming. I have it on Playstation Plus now, but I’m waiting to finish The Last of Us first. I’m kind of thinking I won’t like it though. Looks indie in that sort of bad (yet still gorgeous) way.

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