Progress report: T.V Time

Look at me all being semi active and not gaming as much this week. Well by semi active I mean leaving the couch occasionally but Still, gotta start somewhere. I’ve been walking my fellow canine again lately, it ls not freezing in the morning anymore which makes it much nicer for me and we even had a 2 hour like walk in the bushland behind our house on the weekend.

I kind of like exploring what’s out there and it makes me remember doing the exact same sort of thing when I was but a wee lass out near Durack. There was a huge swath of land up the road a bit with an old abandoned amusement park to explore. A few buildings left behind and a the large metal framework of the water slide that we used to climb that was just pilons without floor up the top. Amazing to think we did something so dangerous but it was a great experience. There was also a huge old safe there we tried to burn through with some kind of acid found in one of their sheds that sent us screaming to the MacDonald’s a fair bit up the road to was our hands and arms.

As a bunch of kids we used to explore through there all the time and just have a nice time doing it. In the bushland we ended up making a nice cubby house with scavenged wood and other things. For months we’d go down there every weekend with a new bag of nails and what we found to piece it all together, it was far from being safe but it was ours.

This time I ended up finding a little lake nestled into some trees and well, the dodgy loves water so I sat back and watched us she splashed around the outside. Had to be careful though as I don’t think she can swim very well so we might come back again for more practice.

Ok, that’s enough of nostalgia lane for today time to talk about stuff I’ve seen on some kind of screen.

TV time

I finally caught up with Defiance over the week and it does seem to be getting quite interesting. There are a few different political factions all vying for control as well as the main characters falling in and out of each. It seems like they’ve been taking a little extra time to flesh out the main cast too which is nice.

I’m really getting into the world they are trying to portray now too as it’s far more nuanced, dirty and cutthroat with everyone just trying to find their own place in the world and moulding their morals to match. It’s still very cheesy b grade science fiction but the good kind. The only issue right now is that the episodes seem to be very inconsistent with the major plot points being.. hmm.. not exactly that major.

After a recommendation I also checked out Knights of Sidonia which was rather interesting as well. The entire first season was pretty much setting the them of the anime, the characters and the world ending issue the fight .. with Mechas of course. while the show tends to run rather slow in terms of plot development the characters seem to progress with speed. One moment your introduced to the main characters love interest and in the next instance your staring at his girlfriend being turned into an alien menace. (spoilers.. but not really). Other character go between Massive antagonists to depressed loons between episodes and others come in and out of focus with no pattern I can discern.

Of course, I’ve loved mechas ever since I saw Tekkaman for the first time so any other mecha anime is awesome. The fights are a little muted in terms of over the top effects and seem to be over reasonably quickly but it still maintains the drama reasonably well through the battle scenes.

Sword art online 2 has a several episodes from the new season and I think I’m going to like this far more than the original series. It’s less about the male power fantasy (still part) with a little less emphasis on BOOOBs. Still early days for it too take that turn into the perverted.. you know that turn it took.


It’s still very hyper masculine though which is probably because of the new setting but still. It’s a military kind of PvP mmo Kirito is exploring this time and as such there seems to only be a single female within the entirety of the game. Yeh riggggggggggggghhht. Anyway the character that is there I really enjoy as she has a strong personality but also a very interesting background that gives her character some depth. And I think that’s the strength here that the other series where missing, they seem to be going for more character depth while also creating some deep mechanics and foundations of this new world. hopefully..

The other series I’ve really been enjoying is Utopia. The second season has begun now and I didn’t even think it was going to continue. The last season kind of just ended and while it wrapped up it left so many unanswered questions about the grand plot it was pushing. It was very indie… the kind of cult series that just grabs you with the interesting style, camera angles and the way the plot kind of pulls you along in a number of directions. I wrote down a few thoughts on the first season so check it out.

Anyway the second season pretty much continues on with the utterly weird and enthralling this T.V series. I don’t know what it is about the series that grabs me so much, the style of presentation that gives you that analogue t.v vibe. The relatability of the characters and settings that’s counteracted by the peculiar nature of the interactions. There is just something extremely unnerving about the casual nature of the violence and conversations they have. Wondering where jessica Hyde is going to take us this time.

The main game I’ve played this week was Xcom. I continued on with my playthrough of the Ironman even after incurring heavy losses throughout the campaign and it seems to be going better now. I have no idea when it’s supposed to end but I think it’s nearing the end with interfacing a someone with some psychic device.

so many dead... and that's the first page

so many dead… and that’s the first page

I’m getting more the hang of the combat now too and am only losing one or two people for the harder missions although it’s still close sometimes when I bunch everyone up not knowing a powerful psyker is about to bomb everyone. I’m taking my time more with movements which helps although I still end up getting those instances where you move your last person to cover a certain angle and they aggro a whole bunch of angry aliens.. bad news

I really want to finish it though but after that I think I’m probably done with it for a bit but not sure what to move onto next. Probably back to my mmo’s again although D3 and that expansion are looking pretty tempting.

So long yalllll.. and may your teams sacrifice not be in vein

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