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The Links

  • GO CHECK OUT AGGRO RANGE.. right Meow. The blaugust event has seen a wealth of informative posts for bloggers and content creators. Also an interesting piece looking at community personalities – which are you? I think I’m either a moderator or ranter, depending on the mood.. or how much sugar I’ve had.
  • Kill Screen has a post about the influence of blockbuster cinema on games, not just on the style of presentation btu how they always seem to be aiming to overfill and over-stimulate in order to get a positive experience. Hmm.. think I need a follow up post on this.
  • Game Introspection has a, kind of follow up with some thoughts on the different trailer types and there place within marketing.
  • In an Age has a day by day report from gen Con and the exhibits and conferences they’ve been apart of.
  • Eve, as usual has created a lot of conversation this week but at the moment the conversation of what eve is has interested me. The Nosy gamer looks at whether Eve is a PvP game based on player metrics and in a later post came to the conclusion that it’s a game of organisations. Xp Chronicles also contemplates this but looks at the nature and meaning of the concepts of PvP and PvE within it’s systems. Which are the areas that are more important structural and in terms of playstyles.
  • Screaming Monkey is looking at the theory of WoW relativity and how all the lore seems to be rather interconnected. A conspiracy has also arisen that it’s bringing us right back again to the beginning which, would be a perfect time for WoW 2.0 to step in
  • Plus Ten Damage got the chance to ahve a few questions answered that focused on their style of monetisation and the founders “crowd sourcing” style of pre ordering. The also looked at working with Games Workshop in regards to lore and narrative building as well as the aesthetic.
  • Gaming Conjecture preaches the gospel that the future of mmo’s is niche. Smaller mroe directed experiences that focus on their core demographic.
  • And if you’re wondering about the the hearthstone PvE encounters then head over to cogitationes astalnaris, the name I’m glad to type because I could never pronounce

The Vids

Due to the amount of videos I’m going to have to put them behind a more tag.. SOOOOOOO MAAAANY

Shadow Realms Gameplay

The Tomorrow Children

Fable Legends

Halo Channel


Halo Masterchief collection

order 1986

Little Big Planet 3

Quantum break





Borderlands Pre Sequel – last hope trailer

Invisible Inc steam trailer

heroes of Might and Magic 7

World of Warcraft

New destiny trailer

and gameplay on mars



Guns Up


Galak z

Hive jump


Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Bloodborne Gameplay

Ori and the Blind forest

Ghost of a tale – CUTE MOUSIES

that funny but terrifying PT demo vid

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    • The funny thing is I could usually add so many more videos. I can’t believe how many trailers get pumped out now for the most banal of things like revealing a new character or map, or few in monster. Such a waste of money.

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