Progress Report: A Strategic Simpleton

I WAS OUTSIDE THE HOUSE AGAIN.. OMG. this has to be some kind of record for excursion outside not including work. The EKKA, a large exhibition that started out as an agricultural show was back in Brisbane for the year. It has all that good stuff like rides, carni games where you pay a lot of money to not win anything, and showbags filled with chocolate and random crap that they could sell for the inflated price they were asking in retail.

It’s an environment you just can’t help but get excited for, once every few years and this year was my year. Of course getting a public holiday for the EKKA definitely helps too. I went with a friend from work and we had a a lot of fun here, the usual carnival type activities were fun but mostly all the agriculture activities are what’s interesting. We saw the GIGANTIC COWS… seriously.. massive.



A wealth of ducks and chickens of different types that I gleefully harassed within there cages, goat and the first time I’ve ever seen a Turkey. A gigantic, noisy and rather angry Turkey.

The other shows that happen are stuff like cat and dog showing, horse jumping, Sheep herding, wood chopping, actual horse shoeing including making them and a few other things. It sounds completely bogan to see but actually rather interesting when you see it all happening, plus I’ve always liked animals.

For shows I actually got around to watching Grave of Fireflies, A show I’ve been meaning to watch ever since a guy friends said they bawled because of it, uncontrollably. Now when you know an emotional hit is coming like that you tend to avoid it, I love shows that can provide an emotional response but when you know it’s coming it’s kind of like a jump scare. You avoid at all cost. It is just as emotional, heartbreaking and soul shattering as he described and nothing had diminished from the experience.

grave of fireflies


It’s not something that constantly hits you, no big events throughout that really wind you up, no deliberate heartbreak moment but what it does have is so much more. For the entire movie you really don’t realise how that emotional knot is being tied within you, each scene and set back keeps turning it, each cue as of what’s to come another, the derision of those around even more. It’s light hearted enough which I think helps that as it becomes a more natural tale but then that ending hits and BAM.. that knot unravels and you’re just sobbing. Your insides are bruised and twisted and you feel like curling up for a while. Even afterwards you carry that sadness, a sadness you kind of need chocolate to help out with.

Oh and I watched the new TMNT movie and it was… not terrible.

For Gaming I spent a lot of time in Xcom, in particular the last mission where you’re assaulting the mothership. Now, most of it isn’t too hard, there’s a couple trickier moments but it doesn’t overwhelm in the same way the other campaign missions can in being more dynamic with placement and movement. Here the enemies are purposefully placed and more managaeable it’s just that I was having some of the worst luck I’ve ever had.

Lots of missing key hits with high percentages and then getting punished for it. Amazing critical hits from the enemy, a time where a reaction shot from the mechs not only hit the target, killing them but also the person in cover next to them, nearly killing him. Oh and don’t forget trying to find the last mob in the map yet leaving behind the Sniper and my psyker in overwatch at the last door and then having those two elites spawn right on top after killing that rogue mob. No movement left it was 2 critical hits to both leaving one dead and the other on the brink. Oh yeh, and then my controlled minions turned on me when i wasn’t ready, killing a couple more.




And that’s not including inside that last room with 3 of those nasty psychic things that kept gaining control of my soldiers and mind bombing the rest.

Sigh… twas a tough time but I pulled through getting out the win. Going by my stats though it wasn’t a very impressive win hehehe.

XCom results


The other Game I played a ton of was DIABLO. I haven’t touched it on the computer since very near release. The online play was just that bad with lag and then the lack of meaningful rewards nailed that coffin. Now with the progression and loot improved I’m getting far more back into it. A lot of people are playing through the new expansion content getting up to 70 and gaining the new paragon levels and it’s been fun to join in with that excitement.

Now I haven’t picked up the expansion yet but that doesn’t really matter to much when playing with the guild because we pretty much just do Hardcore mode so there’s always someone trying to level another character back up. I seem to be doing quite well too with my new Hardcore characters. A monk is close to 40, a witch doctor in the 30’s and a couple around 20. I’ve only lost one this week which is impressive for me but it was my warrior, Joan of Fart *giggle*.

I also had a lot of play with my blogging compatriots Doone and Izlain. I dragged them along into Hardcore mode to level some characters which was a lot of fun Doone was getting rather tense with our run about dieing although I had turned up the difficulty without telling him hehehe. Oh, and getting Izzy killed was a highlight of the week. Came along on a lower character and one of those wall acid things killed him in one go after only a minute of play. I laughed.. a lot. Cause I’m evil like that.

I think I’ll have to get the Expansion eventually but only once I get a character up to 60, a feat I have no idea if is possible for me and my reckless style of play.

For the week to come I’ll probably be back into both these games. I just unlocked the expansion version of xcom with beating it once so I might see what that’s like. Close to finished with it now though. I have a firefall itch once more and yeh, I know I just ranted about it but whatever. I also picked up Nom Nom Galaxy for half price on humble this week which is a colourful management game I’ve been looking forward too.

Have fun out there and may your characters always die in a blaze of glory


3 thoughts on “Progress Report: A Strategic Simpleton

  1. I was sad because that Demon Hunter was coming along just fine, then you buttheads dragged me into higher level content! The monk is a lot of fun though, so I’m kind of glad to have had to start over. You should get the expansion though, Act V was probably the best act of them all.

  2. I saw Grave of Fireflies in Japan by chance when I was living there in 2001. I was flicking through the tv channels and caught the opening scene – I had no idea what it was but it seemed interesting. I was expecting some crazy, over-the-top twists like every other anime movie I’d seen up until then, and by the time I realised that it wasn’t like those others it had its hooks in me and was twisting my guts already. Yeah I bawled at the end too. I still can’t bring myself to buy those tins of boiled sweets you can get even today, makes me too sad…

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