Everquest Next at SOE Live

I’ve been meaning to write this for a little bit now but with my regular popsts taking priority it kind of got pushed back.. WHATEVSSSSS

SOE live has been and gone now and I can’t say I was overly impressed. All I was really interested in from there was news and info of Everquest Next and while we did finally get a bit more info on the systems and presentations on the systems it didn’t seem to be that substantial as mpost we already knew or was just Unimportant.

Anyway here’s a little recap of the presentations I’ve watched so far.

EQN Keynote

If your strapped for time just watch this vid and be done with it as it gives a good view of where development is up to now. There was a brief overview of what the game will entail including exploration, Economy and a solid crafting foundation, Special abilities from items, Social interaction from guilds and hubbs, and Land having a high value for guild halls and town creation.

It started of with a discussion of the 5 Holy Grails that are guiding development and make it different form others, yeh, every new mmo apparently needs grails to live by now.

  • Destructibility – The aim is for everything in the world from the environment, to the building blocks and even the props to be destructability and this is a facet that is now complete within Landmark..you know, EQN’s testing ground.
  • Tiers of depth – this works in with destructibility in that you will be making your way down through the land into other spaces of increasing challenge. Currently working in development.
  • Emergeant Ai – What I believe to be the biggest challenge for the development of EQN. Creating new Ai is a hard thing already and the industry does seem to be plagued with rather poor creations due to both incompetence and Known restraints. They aim to have a system wherin the npc’s all have certain behaviours of their own and that this will run the dynamic nature of the world.
  • Rallying calls – These will be the large world events to get involved with.
  • Changing Core gameplay – they aim to change the way we’ve been playing mmo’s for a decade… Idiotic or impossible or our eventual saviours

Reimagining of the franchise and creating a new continuity. They aim to unveil a large part of the lore through a collection of books available now on their website for free and to come so as to flesh out the lore of Everquest next.

Music is of course by Jeremy Soule, the apparent musical whipping boy of the industry creating bland fantasy tunes over and over again.

Integration of landmark assets was a huge part of the presentation and they showed a lot of video looking at the dark elf structures. Looks pretty good for early development. Giving the players the concept art and other assets to create the foundation of the races and spaces as a community. t’s about changing and creating the world together and it seems like a great way of gaining even more artistic innovation and inspiration.

eqn dark elf

The aim to continually place in new new stories and events throughout the world. Permanent change will be based on these and what you engage in personally or communally and worlds will become unique based on these actions. It’s an interesting premise.

Basic Class recount where they shows the 3 released classes: Wizard, warrior and Cleric. A few gameplay parts of skill use and a rundown of their playstyle. Very.. colourful. Like most modern mmo’s combat will have an active nature and involve a lot of positioning in order to hit and avoid attacks.

EQN wizard


The EQN Classes

This panel had a lot of great information on the guiding foundations of the combat, what will guide progression and how the gameplay will play. It all sounds very interesting with a surprising amount of depth while trying to avoid the usual flaws.

The foundation for the system seems to revolve around certain elements. Each attack will have a certain element type that it relates to with classes being built towards a limited amount of them. There Will be (proposed) certain bonuses when using one elements against certain others and combos that can be achieved with others in order to improve the effect.

EQN Elements`



For combat you will be equipping skills from the available pool but also passives that will act as modifiers to these skills. The way they talked about this was having KEYWORDS to abilities that will be easy to see and then check for more modifiers. these relate to the origin (elements) and damage type (mechanic).

EQN skills


Classes also have an affinity towards certain categories or the origins they identify with and kind of draw their power from.

EQN class

These class origins will combine in a variety of ways to make the 40 or so classes planned for EQN, and irgin for the class and the element/s they use for attacking. These are the defining flavours of the classes that will be showed off with certain visual elements that make sense.

EQN class


Where this becomes interesting is with the gearing method as it begins to add certain other elements and effects to your abilities and open up new options and playstyles. What this looks like is bringing the passive elements from The secret world Skill tree, those passive buffs to skills or maybe mechanics like crit, healing, buffing and and placing them onto gear instead so that you begin to combine gear pieces and their bonuses to create interesting and powerful builds built around certain effects, elements or abilities.

EQN Gear


Achievements hunting will be a part of building your character as well with providing a certain amount of buffs to your character or abilities.

EQN achievements


Mutli-classing will be a part of the equation as well where you will be able have a primary class to choose abilities from but you can use passives from, it seems, any other classes. Classes might have an affinity towards others so I believe there will be certain restrictions based on the class type or elements involved.

This all adds up to a huge amount from your class, the passives from others and the way gear can augment all this.

It will be a rather free system to use too. They are still going for a more levelless design with the progression revolving more around collecting these classes and building your character through gear and other options. Classes will need to be levelled individual by using advancement points but then you don’t need to be playing that class in order to do that. Points earned at any time can be placed where you want.

EQN Story Bricks and Content

First a warning that this has terrible audio. It’s very distorted and hard to hear throughout with certain parts being completely unintelligible.

There was a lot of talk about the types of encounters and events within the world and how their new ai would be working within that. Enemies and Npc’s will have a certain role that the try to fulfill with modifiers to that. There were a couple audible examples here about that although hard to understand.

There was more iteration on player actions and and the impact this will have on the world. there will be an ecology to the world and disrupting that in one way or space can have consequences in other ways. The world will also be filled with a variety of factions and groups that will drive their own interactions based on this ai that you can either support, on both sides at times or avoid.

They did talk about there being no traditional quest hubs but still quest givers it seems but these quest givers will be more dynamic in what their asking and due to their own behaviour patterns. They move around and interact with the world to based on their own role.

A major element to help players with this new world is the Rohsong, a personally created book that you fill up with information on the world, inhabitants and creatures throughout your travels. This will also be the way they guide players towards larger events, story elements or their Rallying calls.

Most of this presentation looked at an example of how the ecology will work and the balnce to the world. A group of dark elves gaining to much wealth and being bombarded by another factions. This faction controlling a large part of this land now then expanding into the druid realms nearby. The druid realms losing there strength on their land and the protections being loosened letting strong shadow based mobs free onto the world in increasing amounts as this strength lessens. Hard to understand but seemed like an in depth presentation I would like to see with audio not under water, within a cavern full of angry building sized bees.

And that’s it really, The landmark Keynote was interesting to see how that development is going. They are getting combat and a whole range of other features around that very soon. Attack gaming had some decent interviews on EQN and landmark as well. Oh and reddit has the full list of vids pertaining to eqn and landmark

ANNNNNND dats it.. i know there’s mistakes but it’s late now and I’ll fix them in the morning.



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  1. Jeremy Soule is an award-winning composer whose influences include the venerable Nobuo Uematsu. It may be that his work on EQN is less than inspiring for whatever reason, but I’d hardly call him a whipping boy.

  2. Oh that book mechanic to keep track of creatures and lore and achievements – my favorite overall feature from WAR. Hope they do it in the same manner that game did.

    • i’m not sure it’s going to be exactly the same but it will be great to have a huge personal lexicon of what you’ve found and done.

      It seems like it’s also going to be the kind of quest log too but not sure how that’s being weaved into it

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