Couch PODtatoes 10: Attack of the Clones

Welcome back people of the Pod. This week we welcomed back Doone, mainly to pick on him but also for some great discussion of ethics in the gaming industry. This week we delved into discussion about Cloning, not sheep but how creating copies of game mechanical or in spirit seems to be a common thing within the Industry.

The main point of discussion was around the game threes, a mobile game a lot of people seem to have played that involves combining multiples of three into higher and higher combinations. It saw a lot of clones pop up almost immediately, some which have become more popular, seen greater numbers of downloads and even make more money.

We tried to define what’s different within these clones ethically in regards to outright cloning or iteration on an idea in order to make something your own. A product that iterates can be a good thing in how it refines a mechanic or genre and can create some wonderful products that appease greater or different demographics. Overall it applies to MMO’s quite strongly as well as many companies seem to want to copy a game that has seen greater success but this doesn’t seem to work when they’ve already gained the greater market share.

Lastly we thought about how to actually solve the problem but the options provided don’t seem very likely.

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 10: Attack of the Clones (runtime: 1:10:35)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:10)
Doone’s Digital Frontier: (starts at 21:28)
Idiots on the Internet: Jackie Chan’s Son (starts at 55:52)
Community Talk: Aggro-Range (starts at 1:03:33)

Idiots on the Internet article:

This week we looked at Jackie Chans son getting charged for possession of Marijuana with intent to sell in CHina. Discussed the legality and our own opinions on it.

Community Spotlight:
This week we talked about a post over at Aggro-Range looking at the different Archetypes within the gaming community. We all gave our own opinions on what we are as well as what we thought each other were and it seemed pretty accurate. One thing we thought is that it does seem to change based on your mood although still pertaining to a certain structure. I definitely within the middle column at all times although I have been known to be all 3.

It also gave us some time to tease Doone.

Discussion Articles:
Authors response to clones
Gabriel Cuirulli response (original clone) “Why games don’t have to be good anymore”
Threes! on iTunes
2048 web game

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