Crazy for Kickstarters

It seems to be a great month for picking up projects on kickstarter. Debate about the platform of crowd-funding all you want but it does seem to be a place that brings out some interesting and innovative projects. I’ve gone into a couple already with plans for a couple more this month and thought I’d show the ones I’m interested in.

Hive Jump

A colourful multiplayer action platformer with that gorgeous retro aesthetic. It seems to be both equal parts run and gun madness and rpg as you have some challenging and chaotic maps to get through but with a system of gaining resources and upgrading your characters and other Aspects

There is a also a campaign type mode that involves strategic decision making with where to attack and at what time as well as a map that changes based on alien movements. It Has 12 days left on the clock and is half way towards it’s funding goal. Murf was able to score an interview with the devs too that looked at some of the interesting multiplayer and competitive aspects.

Kickstarter Page

Dungeon Saga: Dwarf Kings Quest

I picked this one becasue I used to love Hero’s Quest growing up. Played it for many hours with my dad and cousins and we even developed a few of our own campaigns for it by drawing up the backstory, planning the dungeon and even creating new cardboard tokens for item, furniture and map pieces. Hero quest is no longer available except for insanely overpriced boxes on Ebay so that leaves Dungeon Saga

dungeon saga


In case you never played, take a dungeon crawling computer game and put it into real life. Dice rolling for attacks, people actually moving pieces with their hands and a campaign pack with all the details of each quest; the layout, special spots and placements. For this set there’s a range of map pieces, items, furniture and character sheets to use as well as a large advanced rule set that guides play. There are heaps of extras added to the $100 dollar pack as part of the kickstarter too so get in now.

7 days left and trust me, you want this

Kickstarter Page

Jenny Leclue

A mystery styled adventure game that will have you exploring a highly detailed environemnt with a lot of extra interactions for items and rewards for finding hidden details. It aims to be a true Detective style adventure game in that you will be the one looking for and uncovering clues and then piecing them together.


It aims to have a rich narrative that guides play weaved into the environment as well as in the dialogue with other characters and also for your choices to have an effect on the story as it goes and in future episodes.

Now the kickstarter has ended but you can still preorder through the kickstarter page with similar rewards but at an increased price.

Aegis Defenders

A platformer styled tower defence pixel game, an interesting combination of mechanic. It has you bouncing around the environment but then also defending certain locations with your abilities and shooting. You place traps and other turrets and the go between points adding help where it’s needed.

There will be a few classes to play as with their own style of defence tools and attacks with these classes also gaining in strength and then customizing your characters with new abilities and weapons.

10 days left and here’s the Kickstarter Page

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3 thoughts on “Crazy for Kickstarters

  1. DUDE!!! Hero Quest was awesome! I unfortunately didn’t have anyone around that was interested in playing it much, so I didn’t get into as much as I would have liked, but I have fond memories of the game. Probably a precursor to me getting into full-on D&D.

  2. Some excellent picks! I hope Hive Jump succeeds. Contra + Spelunky + Xcom, all with four players and cool graphics, sounds awesome to me. PEOPLE NEED TO GET IN ON IT.

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