Link Dead Radio: New Shinies

The Links

  • First up Braxwolf gives his personally reasoning behind wanting to  join in with this years involvement with the Extra Life Charity Event. He”s also seeking donations for this worthy event so maybe head over and support a fellow blogger.
  • Contains Moderate Peril gives the shout out for more submissions to the Podcast Directory, a great resource for  gaining more recognition or just if your looking for some amazing gaming podcasts to listen too.
  • I has PC Looks into the way new technologies it’s better for a new product to market towards the innovators of a population and then spread outwards for there with the increased talk. It might explain the use of early access and other such marketing.
  • Mr luvvaluvva wonders if the Survival Horror genre can recapture mainstream success and goes into a few examples with upcoming games and looks at the features that might help.
  • Herding Cats believes Game Journalism isn’t important anymore with how popular personalities are being paid for good reviews and how the nature of the field has far more in common with blogging than Jounalism in the more traditional sense
  • End Game Viable argues that Archeage is not a PvP gank fest, a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time. In fact I don’t even think people should be calling it a PvP mmo as that is just one mechanic for open world play. Anyway it comes from his own experience within play and he gives a few key points for why it’s not but also goes into how it’s an invaluable part.
  • Game Introspection thinks we are taking ourselves, and our games a little too seriously and looks at some of the lighter style of games. Those with a more campy sense of humour with a few examples.
  • Scree is getting excited for Everquest Next after the Soe Live presentation and goes into the aspects of an open world and dynamic environment that will make it truly revolutionary for him.
  • The Mystical Mesmer gives a short post mortem on Guild Wars 2 and a few factors that reduce the appeal including the end game organisation, feeling of reward and the characters more barbie styled dolls than characters.
  • The Random here Looks at features of group Finder and the lack of community that seems to result from it.

The Vids

Ancient Space – Space RTS

Legend of Grimrock 2

Shadowgate – weird graphic style adventure game

Destiny Venus

Star Citizen Gamescom Presentation – it’s basically a giant commercial, at least the first half

Civilization beyond earth part 1

part 2

super time force ultra on steam

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