The Hot Hunks of Gaming

There has been a little bit of talk lately about gaming crushes, the hunks and hotties we get enamoured with in game. I like some others were a little dismayed to see that many people really couldn’t name that many characters that really stood out to them. That weren’t noticeable or developed enough to elicit any sort of strong emotions and that’s a rather sad thing.

Back in the dawn of my own gaming, when we were  just banging rocks together the emotional connection to a character was more limited by the amount of rocks.. i mean pixels. It’s hard to get connected to a blob of colours but the dialogue spurned on our interest. Now with all this amazing new technology and graphical power it seems we went backwards. We have some amazing looking hunks but without any sort of nuance in their personality beyond Meat-Head. Characters that are solely used to just move the corridor shooter forward via their indiscriminate Man Rage..

In the looks department it seems to have gone down hill as well. We either get some insanely similar looking pretty boys or a bunch of old, scared and leather faced war veterans and I don’t find either of those really that enticing. This is getting better in recent time with an increased focus on character development, spurned on by the popularity of adventure titles and popular RPG’s but I think the AAA scene still needs a lot of improvement.

Anyway, even in this time of rather slim pickings of characters both masculine, appealing, and engaging there are a still that make me tingle. Some more so than others of course and all for mostly different factors. Gamer by Design had a recent group of games and they just weren’t my thing so I thought I’d have a go at my favourite hot gaming guys.

Dante – probably DMC 2.. maybe 3. Not that pre-pubescent from the remake

The ultimate bad boy of gaming and while I’m not sure if he can be completely classified a Gaming Guy due to his demon heritage you still can’t pass him up. A strong sense of humour throughout the series and a dry wit that makes you laugh at either how bad it comes across or just how well it fits the scene. His amazing sense of confidence in himself and his abilities just draws you in and then those smooth moves seal the deal. I reckon he could beat up your hunk too.


Nathan Drake

What would a list of hot hunks be without Nathan Drake, A popular character in an amazing franchise that’s more an interactive movie than a video game. Because of this they were able to develop this character with far more depth in the background, dialogue and banter. I think what I love most about Nathan Drake is his overwhelming positivity plus his loyalty. He always keeps looking forward with hope and he projects this towards others near him which really livens even the most depressive moods. He is just dashingly handsome as well.

nathan drake

Lee – Walking Dead

Apart from being a rather dashing male without a hint of the bone head jaw he really is more a reflection of what you wanted him to be. You can make him tough and a bit of an asshole, someone balanced around the moment or altruistic. I tended towards the more caring side of Lee and this coupled with the way he is both strong but flawed and nurtures clementine just made my heart melt.. melt to be replaced by a little crush.


Ezio – Assassins Creed

The ultimate smooth criminal, the handsome rogue that I will always have a soft spot for… at least for one. He has always been quite the womanizer, a charmer whose voice melts hearts and well, they seem to melt mine. That accent … and that SMILE. But there is far more to him than that: he has loved and been hurt, he feels deeply for those around him and perseveres in the face of adversity. Even during his advanced years he still has that stately charm and confidence that makes you want to sit on his lap…hehehe….


Garrus – Mass Effect

I’m not sure exactly what it was he said, or when it was while playing through Mass Effect 2 but my heart beat to the rhythm of Garrus. I tried to defend him with more fervour because of it and really thought about his placement in those final scenes while being terrified for his life.

He always knew the right thing to say. He lightened the mood with his banter during times of stress and then showed his innermost feelings to you time and time again. He was my one true confident throughout and a delighted in that budding romance that was both so heartfelt and awkward at the same time. But we make it work…. all… night… long. hehehehe

Mass Effect 2 Garrus Shephard

Adam Jensen – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Oh wow does Adam Jensen do something. Those sharp Chiseled features, the dark brooding vibe he gives off and those cybernetic parts….oooooooooooo. He is smart, competent and knowledgeable and his voice is that deep rumbling that gets into the recesses of your brain and turns it too mush.  But yeh, This is pure lust for the flesh here. Doesn’t matter cause just.. ooooo… plus, I bet he plays rough… hehehehehehe


Now for the WIld Cards cause I”m not done yet. Got to make more people uncomfortable plus share in the brilliant crushes you all missed out on.

Furry Fling

Animalistic relationships are a bit weird but I would go for Fox McCloud. I don’t know what it is about the fuzzy space faring rodent, maybe the voice and dialogue, or it could just be those ears. Plus, it looks like he’s pretty dextrous… hehehehehe


Pretty Boy

I think it’s a little too easy here to pick from the wealth of Final Fantasy characters, they have that niche of the gaming community well and truly served (and serviced… hehehehe). Mine’s a little different and from Dynasty Warriors, a game I got really addicted to on the ps3 for a long time. It’s full of some rather memorable characters and while Lu Bu certainly steals the show at times it’s Jiang Wei that is the toy boy of my affection. No reason there really, the characters aren’t exactly developed although he was a competent killer and I guess that’s what counts here.

Jiang Wei

Pity Fuck

How could I go past poor, sad and dejected little Alistair. Those big desperate eyes, longing for you to be nice to him, talk to him and maybe move out of the friend zone. In the Recent Cat Context Podcast he was described as the Wet Blanket of the game, always trying to ruin in your fun that wasn’t involving him but you still can’t resist that adorable face which you just want to hug, and maybe more if he would stop him being so morose.


Going Gay

For this one definitely Lightning from the Final Fantasy Series. Strong, Confident, Sassy and incredibly skilled. It’s about just how detailed she is within the series, Square Enix’s ability to craft characters is unparalleled and the games and their cut-scenes really bring her to life. It’s also that look, funky plus spunky, that kind of subtle says she prefers her own gender.



15 thoughts on “The Hot Hunks of Gaming

  1. Of all hunky guys you listed, I liked Lightning of the Final Fantasy the best, such beautiful lady! Not that I’ve ‘met’ her yet. The rest to me are just men, nothing attractive, thought i might like them if i get to know them….
    So, are you basing your attraction on appearance, or personality, or combination of the two? Sounds like combination to me, just wish to be certain 🙂

    • yeh, it’s kind of a combination of both for most but also just what I experienced and were engaged with

      and awwwwwwwwww come on, not even mr adam jensen

      • Nah, probably the one i like the least lol… if i have to pick a male, it will have to be the pretty boy, Jiang Wei,… long hair… that looks amazing!

  2. It’s cool you can pick from a bunch of multi faceted characters. As a guy, we get characters that have trouble putting shoes on. Slim pickings!

    • You must be playing games with a whole hell of a lot of druids and/or hobbits to find so many barefooted women.

      Also, I have to say Jensen and Lightning caught me by surprise. Most chicks I know who’ve played DXHR seem to prefer David Sarif. And describing Lightning as sassy is a real curve ball.

    • Yeh, good variety out there of looks and such but it still seems like the characters are a bit underdeveloped. No where near as bad as the women though lol

  3. Lol at your name for Alistair. 😛 I liked him. I loved his humor. But man was I bit pissed when he dumped me at end of the game. 😛

    I also like Anders in DA1, but he turned into a whiny annoyance in DA2. Fenris was also somewhat hot in his broody tormented state. 😛

    But like others.. I can’t really think of any male characters that stood out so much for me to be able to make a post like this. But, I don’t play many single player games all that often. I’m currently on a mission to get through The Witcher 1… and I could like Geralt more if the game didn’t force me to play him as a man that bangs any women that crosses his path in order to advance the story. -_-

    • i kinda liked alastair too but whenever i wanted to have a little fun, or make some money he always had to bring on the negativity.

      Geralt, i just can’t like. Old, and scared and just eww

  4. How did I miss this post? Some good choices there, though I can’t say I’ve played most of those games, otherwise a few would also be on my list. Fun times though!

  5. This is the most colorful and cool list of hunks Ive ever seen in the gaming community. Gotta admit that Garrus surprised me, but I can see your point. Also …

    ..FOX MCCLOUD?! I always knew you were a strange, but ….wow. No boundaries, eh? 🙂

    • yeh, I fell hard for garrus in the game. His responses were always so endearing and humourous

      and why lot the little fuzzy fox…we here at healing the masses don’t discriminate against our furry companions

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