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Well here I am actually writing a post again after a bit of a break. Hmm, not so much a break as a time where my brain was melting from a fever, absolute mush and focusing on anything whether that be writing or reading. JUst wasn’t going to happen.

What I did do over the weekend was play a lot of Diablo 3 because surprisingly it’s a game that takes very little thought to actually play. You just keep clicking and killing and in that mindless repetitive state I would kind of feel better. With the level of simplicity in the gameplay you just get completely wrapped up in the moment, focused on the screen and the plethora of effects all around you. Continuing to click whatever few keys I actually use in the same sort of pattern.

It’s kind of funny how something so mindless and repetitive can be so enthralling in this regards. The industry seems to be going down the path of big effects, action combat and constant movement and there i was playing diablo 3 for many hours straight using 3 buttons… 4 if I was in trouble and due to the life on Hit i seem to be stacking well enough I barely even move during combat, even with the elites.

I think this is why grinding doesn’t bother as much, the less brain power the better in these circumstances. Grinding activities should be able to be done in larger times and it is the mindless nature that makes them more enjoyable. Being involved in hours of challenging gameplay, or just experiences that take a lot of thought and you’d burn out of it reasonably quickly. You can only take so much of that kind of difficult experiences that require constant thought, strategy and meticulous movements. I’ve raided for a few hours sometimes and you do tend to feel rather exhausted afterwards, emotional and physically. Also, at least with mindless activities I can watch tv as well.

Anyway, I ended up purchasing the Reaper of souls expansion this week and with being sick over the weekend, not moving and unthinking gave me plenty of time to play through what was there. If you haven’t picked it up yet I do have to say it is well worth it. It just adds so much more to the game and experience that really streamlines play while making it more interesting.

The Act v story is just excellent. The environment designs are amazing and while the tend towards the more linear sort of corridor design, being placed in a city the detail with all the buildings and pathways all around really sell the setting. There are some outdoor settings as well; a swamp and graveyard and these have a great design as well. Definitely my favourite places now when compared to the earlier acts.

Diablo III

They also come with a lot of places to explore. Buildings with people inside that need your help, or killing and lots of caves and places to explore outside One in particular stood out where you are trying to find Kylas friend and it was just good to see how they kitted out this young girl in armor and a sword because she was trying to protect her friend.

The story again follows a bit of the battle between heaven’s forces and this time the angel of death whom is now wreaking havoc amongst the living with their own plans for domination. Interesting story by itself and I wanted to see more. The fights with the bosses seemed far more challenging this time around too and I actually had to watch what I was doing and the mechanics unfolding in order to get my Hardcore character through. Even using pots and the health pools. that Urzael fight in particular had me worried for my character as I original just face tanked and had to change my strategy very quickly.

Diablo III urzael


The addition of Adventure Mode is great as well. It makes a lot of the earlier acts replayable while giving you a certain quest that needs to be completed. Most are pretty easy and maybe involve killing a certain amount of enemies and a boss or clearing out a cavern. Maybe even visiting a boss and the typical time seems to be several minutes.With them being replayable and rewarding decent experience it makes leveling up your character a lot easier, especially if you’ve already completed the entire story and still have a ways to go.

I ended up doing quite a bit of these and it didn’t take too long before I got my first level 70 hardcore character. It got quite close near the end there with a nasty pack of elites that had me surrounding again and really whittled down my health. My death save even got used up and the only reason I made it out of that alive was getting back through the portal and healing up.

Diablo III WD

What the Adventure modes also do is help you with gaining the Paragon Levels which have been completely redone for the new expansion. A route of alternative advancement that gives extra benefits to your character’s, now account wide; increasing the basic stats of a few areas that will probably make levelling another a lot easier. It’s not a huge advantage but it helps.

The adventure modes also seem to have a number of new events within them that can be reasonably challenging, especially at later levels. These are the cursed shrines and cursed chest that are timed events to defeat a certain number of enemies and will test your earlier builds. They seem to reward decent enough gear and even a legendary at times which is nice but not to much to be concerned with.

The new seasons mechanics has started now too which does sound interesting but I haven’t worried about it too much. I did start a character but wanted to focus on at least getting one character to cap first and then maybe going back there. It does seem to be something more for the really dedicated player though with getting world firsts and high leaderboard scores but there are new types of items to see so maybe.

The other new Mechanic seems to the greater rifts, A mode of play where you enter a previous map space that ha been filled with harder monsters and a great number elites within this space. Kill enough and you then spawn the rift Guardian that seems to be the standard kind of boss monster. There are leaderboards and everything for these and the difficulty levels with the new torment levels is quite extreme. the higher you go the better gear it seems to give as well to the point people are talking about a million dps and such. Maybe i’ll get there eventually… maybe not but it’s fun to get wrapped up in this kind of grind sometimes.



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