Link Dead Radio: Weekly wrap ups

I’m a bit out of the loop this week on my articles but i’ve been terribly icky feeling… sorry to those I know I’ve missed just maybe give me recommendations for next week.

  • A lot of bloggers have been talking about the Project Gordon Kickstarter but the one by MMO Fallout really stood out to me as it really seemed to highlight the level of detail it’s taken to certain aspects which piqued my interest towards it.
  • Murf is talking about why he does and doesn’t want Everquest next, or more just another everquest
  • Games I made my Girlfriend Play has an interesting article about swimming in the desert that looks at Journey and the amount of freedom it allows movement, and just how much enjoyable that is
  • The Grumpy Elf looks at Blizzards Change in philosophy with their development and the mechanics and areas this is more noticeable
  • Since there were just so many gamer posts lately maybe just pop over to Thinking Play who gives a good recap of the many discussion points

The Vids

TRopes vs Women in Video Games : Woman as background decoration Part 2

should probably write my own thoughts about these soonish

MOre civ 5 videos of gameplay

Planetary Annhilation

titan souls

OlliOllie – only release exclusive and comind to pc soonish

Salt and Sanctuary

deep Down


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