Progress Report: Building the Puter

Another better late than never kind of post but Wahtevssss


A week of sickly feeling because I’m apparently a sickly kind of person lately. This time a flu that knocked me around making me boiling hot while freezing at the same time. Sore bones, aching head…goopey goodness. You know, all that lovely flu stuff. Because of all that i didn’t really do too much, there was plenty of diablo but I already wrote about that.

I did start watching a lot of Akame ga kill which is actually a really amazing anime in its first season so thanks for the recommendation. It reminds me a little of that older Ninja Scrolls anime in the style of movement and camera angling but also in the artstyle. Same general feel to the anime of dark and deadly. A place of many Horrors.

So far I’ve fallen in with the setting of the anime which has you cheering on for this delightful bunch of murderers who all seem to have an interesting and not completely stereotypical personality, The joke and have fun, their personality and interests shines through and each has their own distinct fighting speciality that’s boosted by some rather awesome speciality weapons. Their dialogue together is that weird, wacky but personal style that makes you laugh while also feeling quite connected.

akame ga kill

The fight scenes are great too with a not overly complicated magical martial arts style so you can still follow what’s happening while getting rather exciting at points. It’s also got a dose of game of thrones here too so you never really know who’s going to bite it during the next episode… probably your current favourite.


The other thing I’ve been doing is finally building my own desktop computer. It was on my wish list for the year and here I am finally getting it done. It was a rather interesting affair that was easier than I thought overall but still required a lot of effort to get right. Opening these boxes to start with and seeing all these techy bitsies and doodads was all kinds of geeky amazing.. a gamers christmas I joked before.


I guess what I actually got would help here. All under the recommendation of some awesome guildies.

AMD A10 7700K CPU
G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB RAM kit
ASRock FM2A88M Extreme4 motherboard
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
Silverstone Strider 500W power supply
Sapphire Radeon R9 270X video card
Antec NSK4100 case

Opening them up was a lot of fun and looking at all the different components of them, where to plug stuff and just the technological marvel of it…haven’t done this in so long. I spent quite a while at first just looking at the motherboard and reading the instructions for installation because if I was going to break something, it was probably going to be this. While doing this Oscar was having his own Christmas with all the boxes and pieces of wrapping but who I had to swat away from getting to close to the actual parts now and then.


After this the fun I started connecting things. I thought that gigantic power unit first and got that screwed into the case. Just too big to worry about after. Then the Ram into the motherboard case which takes a good whacking to get into place but clicked in pretty easy. The next was what I was dreading, that shiny expensive piece of plastic called the CPU. Reading about it I was paranoid of Blasting it with static and that’s one of those things you can’t know you’ve done until later really. I gingerly opened the packet and immediately it popped out and bounced onto the floor…riggggggggggggggggghhhhtttt. Well, damage done I picked it up, raised that little lever then put it in place and it really didn’t take much effort at all, just sliding in where it was supposed to be. Let the lever back down and finally took a breath… whew.


Then the CPU fan went on top, plug it in and make it tight and done. Connecting this up to the case took a bit of time because I had no idea what to do with all those screws. The first thing I did was put screws in from the case and then those funny motherboard screws onto that so when i was slotting the motherboard in the thread would poke through the holes. The HDD went in at the side, cords attached. Then that huge graphics card went in; ripped out the plates for it to fit through, slotted it in and then connected all those power cords going around everywhere. Had to tidy the cords a little here too. I left it like this for a bit and the whole system wasn’t really turning on at this stage. Tried on a really old monitor and nothing…no fans spinning just a little led light going on. AT this stage it was late and I went to bed.. POOOO

In the morning with a fresh start I found my error, well maybe. not having the screws right made the motherboard all wobbly so I took it all out, then screws in the right way and all back in again. Cords connected annnnnnnnnnddddd … Nothing, still. I rechecked the power cords because not turning on usually means power and really squished them in there and BEEEEEEEEEE. 5 long beeps but no screen as of yet.

Here’s me at this time thinking it’s some kind of fuck up I’ve done. Yep, I killed the cpu didn’t I but it turns out those beeps mean GPU on this motherboard….sweeet but also holy crap. That thing was expensive and I don’t think I broke it but … you know, could shoulda maybe. Taking that out and we have lift off.. well not entirely but the screen showed activity. And yes, thats an ancient dell screen that weighs more than the computer does.


At this stage I needed a Keyboard but… no keyboard in sight of course. Much digging and rummaging through the computer room but the one I thought was there must have gone on vacation to the dump or something. So off to the shops to buy some cheap thing to tide me over and while there a new screen would be nice.

Back again and time to get the show rolling. Rummaged around in Bios for a bit as it has this nifty thing that allows you to update drivers and the bios from right there by downloading them but, just couldn’t get the network part right.Not sure what it wanted from me. BAH… OH well that means time to install the OS and I kind of cheated here with not actually buying one for now and am using one of their trial enterprise version. Free but only really 90 days which is enough time for me to spend another $100. I used on of their programs to then make a boot usb for windows, plugged this in annnddddd… SETUP STARTS. Seeing that ugly purple screen nearly made me cry. I DID IT…. well, nearly.


I let windows do it’s business and from there and it was onwards to windows 8.1 which is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I updated some of the drivers, a new bios then it was time to try out that graphics card again sitting rather lonely on the box beside me. Installation Fine, Driver running….here those Beeps AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.. but windows starts… OOOOOOOOOOO and windows is ok. the screen flashes a few times as it works out whatever it is it wanted to. The GPU shows up in device Manager and GREAT SUCCESS. I downloaded the latest Catalyst Driver and that was pretty much it.

Loaded up and interesting little program called Sun Login and have been on the couch with my laptop web surfing and writing this post while updating all the little programs I wanted, need and other games that should be there of course.

computer magic

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  1. Aaaah I am going to wait until Akame ga Kill finishes airing to binge watch it, as per my usual practices. Also on this season I’m keeping an eye on Aldnoah.Zero and Zankyou no Terror if you’ve heard of it.


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