LInk Dead Radio: Battleground of Beliefs

The Links

  • A funny and interesting article by 1001 up about a few different stereotypical archetypes in media.
  • Mr LUvva Luvva wonders if fracturing your user base is a good idea and uses the recent revisions on the 3ds as an example
  • MMO Gypsy is blasting through the attunement  process in wildstar and has some insights into the roles of the different classes, in particular that self survival and accountability seems more important

and now after those light hearted posts here’s some more Gamergate type posts coming at ya.

  • Herding Cats wonders if there is a space for the moderate within such times and how many people seem to get caught in the crossfire, good people.
  • Spinksville is back and has a post on the culture within guilds, games and amongst gamers
  • Leo’s Life has the call to action in a way that a lack of action is your approval for another action, usually the dominant one and currently enacted model.
  • To counter this Levelcapped believes such things are counter productive and that the extremists on both sides rarely represent the silent, middle majority.
  • OH and MMO gypsy has a personal post looking at where the hate comes from

Dead or Alive 5

Alone in the Dark

Firewatch Pax trailer

Wasteland 2

Bayonetta 2

Resident Evil Remake

This war of mine

Persona 5

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