Progress Report: All About Archeage

Welcome back to another fabulous episode of me recounting my rather average gaming week. It hasn’t been too exciting although it does seem as though the black plague has finally, mostly lifted and I can once again hear and, almost breath freely. I’ve still been taking it quite easy so a bit of extra bed rest and times curled up on the couch.

In terms of anime it’s still the same regular shows I’m enjoying. Sword Art Online 2 is still keeping my interests but those cliffhangers at the end of every episode are getting on my nerve. Zhankyou no Terror is still amazing and I’m really looking forward to more Akame ga kill and how it’s focusing a lot more on the characters within this battlefield rather than the fights themselves.

I have fallen out of touch with T.V shows lately though. I’ve been watching Defiance and it’s still the same kind of B grade sci-fi from before but I kinda like it anyway. Just wondering what else is good at the moment.

Gaming was actually a bit less than usual as I was more messing around with the new computer rather than doing much serious gaming on it. Getting a few games downloading takes a long time on the shitty aus net but there was also regular programs to install plus all the drivers and such that need updating.

The remote access thing I did with a program called sunlogin worked pretty well for all of this as while things were updating and rebooting I was doing it all remotely from the laptop where i was able to watch show, explore the internetz and such in that down time. I tried playing a couple games remotely too just to check out the functionality but it seems game playing id beyond that program. Seems while the games do play normally on the computer all I get is a black screen and sound on the laptop. Maybe the more intensive things just don’t stream properly.

I did play a lot of Archeage as you may just have read haha and got really sucked into it for some reason. Reflecting on it there really isn’t a part I can pull out that makes it vastly different than the vast amounts of other games out there. I’ve played and felt much the same thing before. It actually reminds me a lot of Rift which is something a few have picked up on. The same (although a little older) style of combat, the same sort of progression and a lot of extra fluff there to consume you.

But this time it seems like important fluff rather than random artifact hunting. Being as rift was kind of my first serious mmo experience it might be that I’m just trying to relieve past glory or something, the love of one’s first mmo. Could be. I’m actually thinking of buying the cheapest founder pack now, it’s $50 which i think is a little ridiculous for a ftp pack that mostly just involves early access and a month of subscriptions. Just doesn’t seem like your getting enough value for it but I’m kind of hankering to get in as early as possible now.

The Head start starts this weekend too and I’m kind of afraid that if I get in a late some of the good housing spots will get taken. The guild has some plans and such for where to build but getting enough people in to reserve that space is probably important. Being an open world PvP game as well, having a week in between starts (it’s 4 day head start but the next weekend is when i’ll play more) means quite a few people will be much higher level. Of course I have a guild to call on when there are those kinds of gankers about but it’s still nicer to be on an even level.

For the week to come I see a lot of Archeage. Leveling up seems like it will take a decent amount of time. During two days of rather full on play I made it up to 25 so there is still a bit to do but then I don’t really optimise my path of leveling that much.

I also kind of need your help now dear reader. With the new computer functional it’s now time to play a few games I’ve been holding back on that wouldn’t have played that well on the laptop.

So far I’ve downloaded Dark Souls and Mass Effect 3 but that’s not the only choices. If you can think of another game to play I’ll chuck it into the draw and maybe roll a die to decide in the end.

Have fun out there and my your farms harvest be bountiful.

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  1. I would say play Mass effect 3 BEFORE you download any other games. Otherwise you might end up like me with the “Squirrel!!” effect a full Steam library can do to my ability to focus on one game.

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