Archeage and Class Combinations

With the looming Head start of Archeage I’ve been consumed with trying to figure out what type of build I’m actually going to level up and use for the game. It’s only a couple days away now and yet I’m still wracked with indecision and constantly revising builds on one of the Class Calculators.

There is a lot to figure out too as you make your own particular class by picking three classes out of a possible ten but there are many ways that this can go wrong and completely gimp your class. Luckily there is an easy respec option that even retains all your experience in the classes you swap out on but it’s still something you kind of want to get right the first time as leveling up a class without quests involves a lot of mob grinding.

Looking at it though there are a few distinct rules involved that make decisions a little easier when figuring out combinations. Each class has a particular focus and when thinking about damage abilities they relate to a specific type of stat as well. Combine classes that rely on different stats and you can be assured that it won’t work very well and thinking of this, I thought of giving a quick guide to combining classes too.

Main Focus

The Melee classes are battlerage and Shadowplay, each dealing with strength in order to be effective damage dealers. Defence also has a few skills that deal physical damage and benefit from strength but rely on a shield to apply.

Ranged attack only has Archery right now which obviously uses bows with agility being the main stat for damage.

There are numerous magic classes available including: Sorcery, Witchcraft, and Occultism being the main ones which deal with intelligence as their main stat for increasing damage.

The healing dominant classes are songcraft and Vitalism which both deal with Spirit as the primary healing stat but these classes also have some magic damaging type abilities that use Int too.

Now You don’t just have to combine from within their own damage or skill type to be successful, it’s good to mix and match but when doing that your using the other skills from other types just be aware that these will be in a supportive roll only.


The Classes to choose for Movement are Shadowplay and Auramancy. Shadowplay has some good engages and disengages and also movement style buffs and debuffs, making you quicker and your enemy slower. It also has a movement based disengage that removes the cast time for some important skills in the magic dps classes. It also has some stuns to use, ooo and invisibility. Auramancy uses teleports to move around as well as some movement buffs and debuffs too. It’s also good for magic defence and some cc removals.

Crowd Control 

Witchcraft seems to be the goc to as with sanares, sleeps, fears and stuns to work with. Also the ability to debuff and enemy and also a cc breaker for sleep and fear. Occultism has snares, impales and a nice aoe interrupt/silence but my favourite is that skill retribution which dishes back 50% of melee damage for 10 seconds. Melee classes might also like the cheap, and instant damage skill for just applying pressure.


Auramancy, as well as the teleport has a lot of methods for defending from magic based attacks. A shield converts some to health, an aoe immunity and other methods of buffing health. It has an instant interrupt that inflicts sleep and cc breakers for impale, stun, shackle and silence. There are also some great passives for lessening incoming damage. Defence is your class for dealing with physical damage. Good block, health buffing, physical defence and a complete immunity to damage for a 12 seconds but on a long cooldown. Also has an aoe imprison.

Now all the classes have elements of these main points dealing with movement buffing or snares, Crowd control and breakers, defensive tools and damage based attacks or buffs. Mix and match to get these but the cardinal rule is don’t mix damage types or those with healing, it worked in the past but the balance update has changed this.

Now there are also a range of combos in the game, ways of increasing damage or effects by chaining skills together and these are important to keep in mind when building your class. These make a difference between optimal builds but between most classes, and definitely when following the rules of combining your almost guaranteed to find some combos there to abuse.

Personally I’ll be going for the Hierophant on release which is Witchcraft/Vitalism/auramancy healing variant with strong single target healing using witchcraft for survivability. It’s also nice to have a healing class where you can be more active in the fight by annoying or inhibiting the enemy.

Leveling up though it aint going to happen as going with a healer build, whatever the variant is painful unless you have a group for the entire experience. You won’t be of much use to your friends during this time either as the main healing weapons right now are only available at cap. For the leveling up I’m not quite sure, Sorcery is a great pick for damage but which to take out.. probably auramancy as it won’t add as much to the leveling experience. Witchcraft at least gives me those skills to deal with mobs through cc and it can’t hurt either when someone wants to gank you.. or to gank someone else MWHAHA..

Anyway I hope that helps just a little and if you’re still unsure feel free to comment and get suggestions from a professed noob builder. Have fun all and hopefully see you in game.


4 thoughts on “Archeage and Class Combinations

  1. Thanks so much for breaking this down. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of build I’d like to start with in AA. During beta, I made some sort of mish-mash that sounded cool, but didn’t really work so well once you got past the “Oh, I can melee, heal and throw magic” thing. Had to try at least once. 🙂

    I tend to be a melee player, but worried that melee might be gimped in this game (seems to be a trend) compared to ranged. I’m probably rolling to solo, so damage and survivability are my main focuses. Any suggestions would be great as I totally get lost when trying to put builds together, and I just usually use someone else’s build with a few of my own twists on it in the end. XD

    • Melee isn’t gimped at all. Lots of damage and some of the best burst.

      I’d recommend Battlerage and shadow play together obviously. Both have some great damage and support and shadow play will get those movement skills too.

      For the third is pretty much up to you. Witchcraft for cc is popular. As is auramancy and defence. Personally as a solo player I’d go defence as most of the damage from mobs will be physical.

      • Awesome! Thanks so much for the advice. I’ll give it a whirl next week!

        Do you know if they’re keeping the same server names? Just curious because I’m thinking I’d like to roll on a server with other bloggers on it if possible. I know I’m just going to play this on the side, but it would still be cool to have the chance to run into other familiar faces!

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