Link Dead Radio: Dilemmas with Difficulty

The Links

  • A rather interesting article by I has Pc about How to lose an mmo gamer in 10 days and while I don’t agree with some ot’s a great analysis of modern mmo issues
  • Spinksville gives a a few links in the recent discussion of Wildstars failures that I really should have written about by now but… stuff. Anyway He also discusses the issues with Difficulty in Wildstar and the players levels of confidence.
  • Gaming Conjecture talks about difficulty, the different types and the way it can improve certain experiences
  • A Hobbits Journey has some good advice for structuring your posts and Blogging with a schedule
  • Null Signifier Gives an good write up on this years prize mmo fighters as the enter the ring as well as those other heavy weights watchign on to see the result.

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The Vids

Uncanny valley

Flockers – modern lemmings

Alien Isolation

Resident Revelations 2

Gravity Ghost