Trading Times in Archeage

Well, While waiting in the queue for the night I thought I’d share a few more tales from the nights past and just my progress in game so far.

My first major goal is complete now and it feels pretty good. Just last night I was able to finish up the trade quest line and now have my large scarecrow farm that now resides in the Hellswamp. Going from only one complete to the whole quest chain took a bit of effort, I had all of the ingredients ready in the bank and on my character but it’s putting it all together, figure out what to use with which and where and then getting it done.

Mostly it involves a lot of time. Time spent walking to and from certain spots, waiting for transportation and of course riding my lovely ass around the place…

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-15 23-17-24-715

It’s kind of nice having these small trade based quests as they’re quite rewarding in their own right. Depending how far you go you get a decent amount of gold, or a certain amount of zone based material at the resource trader. A material often used for some of the rarer and more expensive crafts. Going across the ocean and you boost the amount rewarded dramatically but also have the added option of getting a gilda coin from it…. personally I’d go with the other options but up to what you want.

SO even though they aren’t rewarding in the traditional sense with experience or gear they are still quite rewarding depending on how you do them. A half an hour out of your time to even do one of the longer protected routes gives decent gold, enough to spend on other things you want so even without having that Large scarecrow as the end reward they will still be rewarding to do.

I kind of like the solemn nature of them too as it gives you time to just slow down in game, a time when you are often rushing to do something as fast as possible. To get somewhere, to kill something or grind out an item. Your speed is capped quite low the entire time, slow on donkey and even slower on foot. The carriages and airships are better but even that takes a bit of time and so you stop and look around. Soak in your surrounding and that makes me feel more apart of the world than I usually would… your not a hero, or even an adventurer, just someone making their way through the world towards their goals on the horizon. Cheesy but nice.

If your going over seas for your trading though it’s completely different. A time of absolutely paranoia and of course, many moments of shitting your pants and to clarify just how much I’ll give an example of last nights voyage.

Our run last night seemed to start well, we gathered up on the beach of Dewstone with our trade packs to take over to Austeria on the East continent. We boarded our guild clipper to prepare but of course had to wait on a few stragglers.

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

This seemed to draw a few eyes our way. One 50 boarded us and then after a minute spawned his own clipper and went out of the bay. Cautious, as at our levels we wouldn’t compete with a higher level player and sure enough. we sent out a scout and sure enough, there he was waiting at the shortest point out of the bay to steal our packs, as well as another ship it seemed. Pirates just out of the safe zone so this was not going to be easy.

Thinking it through we decided to take an alternate route so we traveled over to the shores of Two crowns near bye and began an overland trek so as to make it to the open water first. it was rather funny seeing all these donkeys crossing through the land here and into town.

Don-Keyote's first pack run

Don-Keyote’s first pack run

Once on the crest of this land space we boarded again but this time instead of direct path which would probably be patrolled we set off south along the cost and then made our way across. While boarding of course another boat sailed by, with a couple 50’s on board and with pvp points already stacked.

we continued on our path and it was mostly uneventful. Passed the first major islands out at see that have even been built on now, Then on the horizon a boat was coming towards us. Pants were wet as they got closer but relief as they passed us by without trouble. Maybe they were calling friends. We made it closer to the harbor and from here we had the idea to swim in instead as a boat sailing towards seemed to draw those hungry eyes.

where's that ominous music coming form

where’s that ominous music coming form

we bailed out and sat in the water for a bit and those with stealth went in to see if the bay was clear for the rest. more waiting here and while the quest was ticked off already it would be nice to trade in that pack. It seemed the port was empty so we started swimming in. Then behind a boat started approaching… the boat from before. I dived below seeing if I could go unseen as I was still a far distance from the port. it sailed over head and then, within a second the person swimming ahead of me was killed.

Panic, I started swimming away and towards the shore. Underwater but with a pack your not going fast. still ok, no one following but my breath marker is failing fast. time to surface and then I see the person going after my friends pack, and of course he sees me. Time to run and as I hit the surface i spawn the rowboat, jump on and dead. My trade pack floating on my boat still.

Better luck next time.

Of course this particular path is a gankers paradise at the moment. Many people are trying to do it and a lot of those are lower level characters. Candy from babies is probably an apt saying here. It’s not too bad though as the quest only needs you to get close to the docks and there are many more on the other coast to hand in to if you want. probably the better idea but it seems we are masochists.

The happiest moment after all this though was putting down my large farm. YAY. not that I can use it yet though as I have no where near enough wood to finish the building but it’s there now and I can kind of get a picture of the farm I imagined taking shape. A small house surrounded by farms. Little Yata grazing and some flowers being tended. It so terribly casual of me but delightful nonetheless.

Well at least I can PvP trees in order to my goal. Hunting out those illegal tree farms nestled into the ravines and on top of mountains gives me a lot of pleasure. Its that exploration high of finding something valuable, that someone else has hidden and then giggling while you chop it down. I aint even sorry.

ducks too

ducks too

That reminds me…need to gather some of my own that were hidden, if they’re still there. Damn dirty thieves. You never know who they are or when they’ll strike


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  1. I still think playing a game that allows other people to send your progress backward is a special kind of nuts. 🙂

    (I guess if you want the right to do that to other players eventually, it’s what you have to put up with as well.) But hey, thanks for blogging about it so that we can live vicariously through it and not have to play. :p

    • Well, you don’t necessarily go backwards even of tour pack gets stolen as the crafter of it still gets 20% of the profit… On an overseas trip that’s more than enough usually to cover the material cost.

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