Link Dead Radio: Servers, Stories and other Stuff

The Links

  • After the issues with the Archeage release there has been a bit of talk about the mechanics of servers this week. Aggronaut looked at individual servers and queues for fixes that might work. Murf took his comment from there and went further into thinking about servers and community.
  • I always love hearing about the adventures of Beyond Tannhauser Gate in the mmo Wurm online as it has many elements I’m interested in. This week he is wondering what happened to the animals on the server.
  • If you’re wondering about the Online card game HEX and how its going with development then Scree has you covered.
  • Casual Aggro gives a send off to the now deceased Rusty Hearts mmo
  • Tremayne’s Law Is talking about mmo stories and how it shouldn’t be the domain of failed novelists
  • A new initiative for bloggers seems to be doing the rounds now called Confessions of a Blogger just about funny, useless and unknown facts from those blogging. Check out Mama needs Mana far a nice one but there are plenty around now.
  • In an Age discusses his issue with entitlement and how it’s usually more of a term for Parity, which in itself is  probably impossible to achieve in most aspects.
  • Leo’s life looks at trying to get the balance right between Challenge and Reward

The Vids

Sunset Overdrive Live action thingy…WATCH ITTTTTTTTTTT

Outpost 13 – basically you play as the thing


ASS Creed co-op

making of borderlands: pre sequel part 3

Intro thingy too

Ori and the Blind FOrest

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Deep Down

Bloodborne trailer

Persona 4

Final Fantasy 15

Wasteland 2

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