Elaborating on the Argument

I admit to having a good laugh about my recent wow post. Hitting the send button made me giggle as it was just a joke regarding the argument that’s once again popped up if WoW ruined mmo’s. At my, and others expense of course although I still find it weird it got 150 hits. I should write one word posts more often, at least then I know I can be grammatically correct… Probably.

The reason I felt like writing just that one word is, that’s what the argument pretty much amounts to these days. I’ve said my opinions on it before, a few times in fact. Others are writing about it that have before and have before that. This argument has been spreading for some time now, constantly resurfacing on blogs, forums, social media and just in personal conversation.

It’s an argument now that has had everything said that could possibly be said. Every opinion and argument has been made at some time, probably numerous times without even that much difference between them. There is just no point any more and so, all that needs to be said is a simple yes or no answer and I’m sure other people hearing that can fill in the gaps. And really, the only reason most read them now is to confirm their own opinion.

The reason yes for me is a bit weird as well, as I’m sure it is for most people. Firstly I’ll just say that each answer is right in it’s own way. They don’t conflict but merely show each part of the equation. I have many points I could round out for both yes and no but the yes overwhelms in my case. It might not for others. Everyone but the most fervent of haters and lovers will have varying degrees of points towards each side and it really only comes down to personal experiences and interests.

This is quite evident when you look at other blogs and the ways their opinions have changed over the years. If you were to ask me when I first tried wow it would be yes. During my engagement with Rift probably no. Now that I’m more interested in the sandbox approach it swings back to yes again and there are many shifts between that. Mostly that sort of background is inconsequential though, it is the here and now, and that one word response that matters.

The other thing is that when the question if WoW ruined mmo’s there are so many different interpretations of the question. There is semantics around ruined; how, why and what. There is issues relating to the industry, those form AAA and the genre as a whole. There is even discussion about this that relate to individual mechanics that both might have helped or harmed the industry, depending on who you ask. It’s all b]art of the debate and as before, there doesn’t seem to be any right answer bar what is personally relevant to you.

People will of course still feel the need to argue their case for the question but it’s not an attack on the other side, or shouldn’t be. Elaborate all you want really, I just didn’t feel the need to here because I’m not trying to beat the other side of the argument. I don’t need to nor should I have to. I don’t look down on those that said no or would have differing points. This time I just felt my answer was yes… Is the reason really that important?


9 thoughts on “Elaborating on the Argument

  1. I had a well thought out response about my opinion being a grey area but then I spent a while watching videos of cats in shark costumes riding roombas and how to care for a pet hedgehog so I can’t remember it now.

  2. I’m one of the few that finds the amount of flux in the MMO genre exciting and interesting. Not exactly because I like to see things catch fire (heh heh heh…fire, fire…), but because there’s all sorts of choices out there and the extra layers of crowdfunded titles and new pushes into more open world experiences make it all one helluva ride.

    WoW may have gashed MMOs pretty severely, but MMOs are healing and are dropping WoW’s bad habits and getting itself a new pair of hotpants.

    …so they’re going all Yuna from FFX-2 on us. basically.

    …the analogy might need work…

  3. Way to miss the point, Eri 🙂

    You’re a blogger. Answering a question with 1 word *without* reasoning is considered weird no matter how pure your answer may be. The fact is, without reasons there’s no discussion. And most people want to engage in a discussion. Really sad to have missed the discussion with you this past week. I would have given 1 word answers to illustrate 🙂

    I think WoW was both the best and worst thing to happen to MMOs. The continuing problem is that Blizzard pretty much understands their players and their games. The next MMO they make will be a gauranteed hit and will send yet another tidal wave through the genre. It’s safe to say they’re the only game in town that knows how to keep the servers packed. They do great things for gaming, but they also do terrible things for gaming. I hate their stance on issues ancillary to the gaming experience, like dealing with the social aspects of gaming. A company with their resources and influence can’t be seen to do NOTHING, because everyone follows their lead. I do believe change is happening there right now, but it’s come really late in the game when there’s already dozens of failed MMOs out there who died in their shadow.

    • I actually thought about it quite a bit which is weird and had outlined a few points to write about in that post which I just deleted. I have already talked about it here and I’m sure you know my points already.

      What it was was kind of those pictures of soup as art. It’s so basic but something that speaks to a base ideals and in so doing becomes more of a reflection of what the viewer believes. That’s what yes was… Make up your own argument there and it’s fine.

      They are definitely the best and worse thing to happen, no way around that but I don’t believe they would have a hit with their next mmo title. Because of the huge development time you need to be ahead of the field, evolving it but Blizzard seem content with mere iteration.

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