Life and Times of Crime

Its been a rather busy week for me in Archeage, I haven’t really achieved anything massive just yet but am making progress towards most of my goals. My house is getting built (NOW FINISHED), i getting a nice stack of gold for my own farm cart and am slowing doing dailies for guilda to buy pretty things. The most interesting thing was my first appearance in court, on the side of the person getting sentenced and that was amusing to say the least. I actually got a little nervous during it and I think might have been able to state my case without getting the guilty verdict…an 89 minute guilty verdict which is the largest I’ve ever seen. For most it’s 10 maybe 20 minutes, a few higher than that but an hour and a half of prison time is just crazy.

The story behind that is rather amusing too and while a few have heard about it I don’t think I’ve written it down of yet. Last weekend a guildy had found a large mushroom farm behind the hills of Lilliput, like several hundred of planted mushrooms nearly ready to harvest. I popped up there as well after a bit of damage had already been done and the owning guild was busy harvesting them. I started grabbing too but they kept bumping and blocking me from doing it and it seems I just wasn’t as fast at clicking.

Being the troll I am sometimes I presented a bargain to them, give me some mushrooms or I start uprooting instead. I was just after a reasonable amount as mushrooms make my Trade packs in Hellswamp but they declined. And so, for the next 30 or so minutes I started digging up as many mushrooms as I could. I have no idea how many but it was a lot. Of course there was talk during this and I continued to troll a little as I could see them getting a bit frustrated and I was having fun..

Amusing myself

Amusing myself


Once I’d had enough I bid them adeu and while riding away I could see my infamy racking up quite quickly as they were reporting the crime… ending up about 380 in the end. Ten infamy points for each report and I’m sure they missed quite a few, or got bored with doing it. It wasn’t until Tuesday night that I came undone though in a guild visit to the opposing factions main city. An easy target and then into court. From there to Jail. And from there digging to freedom.

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-25 06-26-19-716

Yep, boobs mark the spot

Of course even once out I still had the Prisoner debuff so attacking anything as well as most interactions like gathering and harvesting weren’t allowed. With the AFK timer still being incredibly quick it made it rather boring time but I amused myself with dance walking around Marianople with my prison garb on and a haters gonna hate attitude and from there Hitchhiked back down to my home in the swamp… and waited around… It kinda sucks but will probably still take free stuff I find.

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-25 06-37-08-629

Dancing for change on the way home

A Game of Ganking

Due to questing in the higher zones now there is a lot more PvP happens to amd around me as well. So far it’s going well, just being ganked more times than I have in return but that really depends on the zone. Expecting to quest in Halycona during a war time just isn’t going to work, especially if you’re in the factions opposite end. I get the feeling a larger percentage of PvPers rolled east on our server Kyrios so they tend to dominate most of the time here and this spills over to nearby spaces but with Hellswamp it’s usually more balanced in the factions. Sometimes there is a pack of reds decimating everyone, other times your the one doing the hunting. Mostly depends on the group you get into as well. It adds a lot more tension to the space and I’m forever watching my surroundings and the road ahead while travelling. Definitely fun when it’s my time to run the reds down and make them pay.

The worst part of the faction fighting in my mind is just how easy it is to abuse certain parts to kill people. The part of a town you port into, in most of the contested zones isn’t protected by guards so many times you end up dead before even loading in, just such a cheap kill. The safe zones around shrines also seem to give an advantage to those attacking you as well since you can’t buff up in these spaces to prepare and there seems to be a little lag between the time you can attack and they attack you.

The best part is that, while levels and gear do make a big difference in PvP it isn’t entirely insurmountable. A few levels is manageable in a fight and even a 50 can be taken down by a pair of 40s so you don’t exactly see a person or group having impunity from death unless they have far superior numbers. I’m still surprised with how many cross faction people are questing in our spaces though. It’s interesting how they can get all the quests as well as long as your the right level so if you don’t mind pvp it gives you far more space to quest in. I might just level up some different skill lines in the other factions areas.

I’m getting much more used to it now as well, being one of the initiators of a fight. I really haven’t done this kind of pvp in a while now and am more unsure of myself and my abilities. Being the attacker and getting killed is just plain embarrassing. I don’t tend to gank much anyway but lately it’s been far less. I am getting more confident now and more willing to attack, I have an honour code about attacking people already in combat but other targets are fun, especially when you see them having their own fight or flee response on seeing you. Having successfully killed a few now i’m feeling better about it but still need a lot of practice and assurance with such fighting.

I might try a bit of duelling to get used to it but there is also some learning involved. Want to know the other skills and abilities better as well as buffs to remember. I also need to know how to counter some of those battlerage/shadowplay space as they can put out that initial damage while stunned incredibly quickly. It’s easy at 50 to get experience, just queue up for arenas but open world is just different and all I have right now. It’s fun but you do need a lot of confidence to pull it off and I don’t exactly have that yet. Ganking is quite a thrill though and I can see myself doing a lot more in the future, maybe looking for trade pack people crossing the ocean or just those dirty up the west side of the ocean with their Firran filth. Mostly I just want to get better to turn the tables on people trying to get me, ganking is fun but taking out someone ganking you is so much better.

ARCHEAGE 2014-09-20 13-26-10-270

SHHHHHHH.. I’m studying skills


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  1. Lol 😀 I’m way too courteous in this game. Wondering how much the ganking’s going to piss me off at the moment or whether I’ll be able to just shrug it off as A Thing That Happens.

  2. Lol, lame, only 89 minutes? Put on a movie in the other screen and it’s done. I could probably write an AutoHotkey macro to vary W A S D keypresses and spam some emotes, waiting a random amount of time in between those and no one would be even the wiser if you’re botting or manually time-wasting,

    So… how much of this trolling is possible with a free account? :p

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