Link Dead Radio: Progress and Promotions

The Links

Herding Cats is doing this hole extra LIfe thing too and seeking funding from you dear gamer so as to help sick, game starved childre. She’s also giving away free stuff to donators.

The Ancient Gaming Noob discusses the weird feeling of going back to an mmo you no longer remember or has changed over time.

United we game has an post talking about experiences with in game frustration

Leo’s Life talks about the, now obvious pattern of video game releases and the amount they show before release

Kill Ten Rats makes a distinction between Progress and progression in mmo’s and I have to agree with the basics, it does seem like we need to move away from progression as the only appeal.

Oh and if you’re actually after some real posts about the wow debate from my little corner of the internets go check out:

Contains Moderate Peril

Crucible Gaming

Gamign Conjecture

The vids

Stronghold Crusader 2 launch Trailer

Defense Grid 2 launch Trailer

Vane – from the last guardian team

Road Redemption


Sherlock Homes Crimes and Punishment

Everquest 2 Lore in a minute (thanks to Tagn for it)

and a couple kickstarters

Reflex – aiming to be a competitive shooter, reminds me of quake

Battle Chef Brigade – basically Fantasy Iron Chef

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