October is fast approaching now and that can only mean one thing… BRAGTOBERFEST!!

If you’ve been reading around the internetz, especially that of Izlain who is far more organised than me then you would have heard the term already. If not well, it’s just a time we kind of made up to get people sharing their experiences and enjoyment of games. To encourage conversation with each and every one and to get people playing together in a wide range of games.

After the whole Gamergate thingy it’s good to just get back to the passion of gaming and hopefully, like the recent NBI events we can get many people talking and engaging together and maybe even some more newbie bloggers. Mostly, we love games and want to share that with everyone.

We recently had a BRAGTOBERFEST special edition Couch Podtatoe Podcast and this wrapped up as well why we are interested in doing it and what are goals are for the event. Mostly incoherent rambling from me but a good show.

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We have a list of activities to do, both multiple ones for a specific day and some that will be week long tests of skill creativity and the ability to brag about awesome achievements. There are a few genres we’ve added and all of the experiences will be free to play type things as we don’t want any barriers to those wanting to join.

Of course we are also looking for suggestions on events, activities and writing prompts and if you’re particularly interested in something please feel free to join up with either the Steam NBI Page or BRAGTOBERFEST annok Page and leave a post for everyone to join in with. Anything is welcome.

Unlike the recent Blaugust event we won’t be asking people to write everyday, just to join in with the discussion when they can. Most of all, HAVE FUN!!