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BragtoberFest is here, the time of good cheer and showing off just how amazing you are. To play with, beat and then brag forever more that you are the champion blogger of all that is games. For everyone out their to praise your gaming greatness… BOW DOWN PUNY MORTALS!!

Ahem.. actually its more just about sharing the experiences we loved, that captivated us or that we hold dear and sharing it with others. It’s also now about making new memories and experiences and all that community gooeeeeeniss that on most other times of the year I avoid like the plague.

Izzy has already given a quick rundown but I thought I’d do so as well.


We have a few events planned for the month to get people playing together and maybe create a friendly environment for trying out new games and genres. I haven’t asked yet but I’m sure a Voice chat server will be available for the day as well. The first one begins TOMORROW PEOPLES. yes that’s right tomorrow at 2pm PST. For us Aussies that’s like 7am. And this will be the time for the ffollowingevents as well.

So far the planned events are

  • 4th Strife – Baby’s first MOBA so i might actually beat someone

This game is coming up quickly and I look forward to playing with and against those joining in. The game seems like a very accessible MOBA. far more than most others on the field with a smaller roster that everyone has access to as well as a simplified item list; just a few bass stats to pick from. Download now and create an account to be prepared and oh… lets alkl gang up on izzy please, we can’t let him boast again about his leet moba skills. Oh and murf too.

  • 11th Path of Exile – Click and kill
  • 18th Zombies, Monsters, Robots – Coop and competitive shooting idiocy (looks fun)

Now this one is a little different. I wanted to add an mmo here but there is just so many free ones out there to enjoy so, I thought a poll would be best to gauge some interest.

Now for all of these it would be good to confirm in advance just so we get an impression of the numbers and the best place to do that is probably the ANOOK page where we have our own forum

Blogging Homework

Because that’s what it feels like sometimes. For this part we aim to have a few ways to engage everyone that doesn’t involve meeting up at the same time but still enjoy the same sort of activity. Things to test the different aspects of gaming prowess and creative genius and of course just stuff to brag over. For those suffering a little blogger burn-out and mind blanks for ideas these should at least give a post or so worth of interesting stuff.

If you’ve been paying attention you know he sort of activities that are in store here But, instead of that list each week I”ll present the new activity to have fun over… and for this week it’s time to channel your inner Dungeon Master with some Dungeon Building in Neverwinter. I’ve used the foundry system before when i was playing and it really is a great system for crafting your own story and experience. I’m sure many of you out there have ideas to test out and stories you want to tell so now’s the time.

N need to have it in by the week though, these things take time but it would be great to blog about the progress of your creations. For me I’m not too sure what to make yet, some kind of monster in the bog, ie. giant square jelly thing, B grade horror flick would be fun though haha.

Free Flash Fun

Of course Izzy wants me to bombard you with more flash fun to compete over as well for the week and i still have quite a few saved from last time to share. Games that i spent way to many hours on and still come back to now and then.

This week is…. AXON. an interesting but fast paced game of connecting neurons that has a few elements to be aware of as well as being competitive against ai neuron growth. It’s a game with a strong scientific backing but also quite fun. Check it out and blog and/or tweet your best scores.



As always we are always looking for imput in the event. If your looking to brag about something else then share it for eeryone else to engage with too. If you have activities you think others would enjoy share that too. And of course if you want to have some cooperative or competitive fun in your game of choice send out the call and I’m sure others will answer.

Oh.. and I’m always looking for flash games too… loves them.

7 thoughts on “BragtoberFest Events and Ideas

  1. If I can wake up at 5am in oh… 19 hours’ time, I will be there!

    Strife name is Jeromai, tho I nearly wanted to break something with their country sign up / log in system! Made an account on the website just fine, client tried to direct me to the local version, switched countries to nearly all over the globe and got errors… Eventually managed to get the account I made on the website to work by closing the client altogether, starting it again and pretending I was from Australia! Go Aussie go!

    As for the poll, I think I only have DDO and a very outdated LOTRO installed, so I picked one of those :p

      • No worries, for special occasions, I’ve been known to alarm clock or pull all nighters. The perils of hardcore tendencies with mostly NA or EU crowds. The Sat/Sun (or Fri/Sat for NA) intersection is the best time for it.

        If I just went with gut feel, I’ll only rouse by noon or later. 🙂

  2. As I just noted on the Anook Bragtoberfest forum, we unfortunately can’t play ZMR due to regional issues. So instead on the 18th we’ll be playing both Team Fortress 2 and Loadout (FPS and TPS), both of which are free to play on Steam and also quite fun light-hearted shooters. They’re not region locked so we can get down on those.

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