Progress Report: Archeage Gear Grinds

YAY for more gaming this week and I’m pleased to report that not all of it was spent in Archeage… most of it was just not all of it.

I’ve been making a lot of progress in Archeage over the week and completing some of my first big goals. That march towards level 50 is still ongoing but I’m up to 46 now. I’m not completely wrapped up in levelling or anything and I’m high enough now with enough experience that i can defend myself or at least cc the main threats enough that i can get away. The main things I’m doing and are interested in don’t even really need you to be level 50. For the PvP it certainly happens but our guild group tends to make up enough for that.

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Link Dead Radio: Blog Spam

The links

  • A newbie blogger, Weekly Wizardry, entered the ring recently and has a great collection of posts up already. For this week maybe check out the post “how much convienience is too much“.
  • Herding Cats is wondering whether there is actually a WoW community with the idea that the population is just too large with a large variety of varying interests.
  • In an Age wonder about where, and who the focus is on for these new expansions and development.
  • Gamer by design takes an analytical look at linear versus Exponential Design and matching that to a games mechanics and design.
  • Far beyond my Capacity has a great review of the new horror/date time game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Oh and the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign that just finished up too… A great read to go back over for those interested in PnP
  • Inventory Full also has a fiction of their on, a snarky but entertaining post regarding quest structure in ArcheAge.
  • Level capped is getting all philosophical wondering where the fun is in his own experiences.
  • Gaming Conjecture talks a out a moment of weakness in buying games and the constant assault of marketing and new shiny urges… An all too familiar feeling.
  • And the Mystical Mesmer wondering about a world without levels; the issues, how it could work and the mechanics behind it.

The Vids

Can’t be bothered wading through the same games and publishers desperate attempts to stay relevant by providing another marketing vid based. Seriously Every week it;s the same games in some kind of AAA battle Royale for video supremacy based on the most inane of factors.