Progress Report: Archeage Gear Grinds

YAY for more gaming this week and I’m pleased to report that not all of it was spent in Archeage… most of it was just not all of it.

I’ve been making a lot of progress in Archeage over the week and completing some of my first big goals. That march towards level 50 is still ongoing but I’m up to 46 now. I’m not completely wrapped up in levelling or anything and I’m high enough now with enough experience that i can defend myself or at least cc the main threats enough that i can get away. The main things I’m doing and are interested in don’t even really need you to be level 50. For the PvP it certainly happens but our guild group tends to make up enough for that.

I am still concerned with it and will continue questing enough to get there probably by the weekend. A few levels could be done by just chugging one of those vocation tonics and spending an hour crafting if I really wanted to but I was saving those easy methods for leveling up some of the other classes.

Of course when I get to level 50 the whole “fun” of gearing up begins and that seems like a rather long and arduous process. I’ve been Following this Handy Dandy guide from Man of legends which gives info from a number of different areas. Every part of the game seems pretty well covered here as a way of gearing up although crafting seems to trump all at higher levels. For now there are a few quests in the end zones Hasla and Karkasse that give mid 40s armor which is a huge step up for me at the moment.

Searching for the armor bottoms in Karkasse

Searching for the armor bottoms in Karkasse

The most important part is the weapon though and the easiest way seems to be farming certain mobs in Hasla and surprisingly this has been a lot of fun. Hasla like the other zone cycles through the war states, an open PvP state between the other faction. Now farming here for these specific tokens is extremely sought after by a lot of people, a lot and this space here is always contested. Lots of people at every inch and during PvP times it is a constant struggle for more space. back and forth combat to get the most mobs and the most tokens and I love every minute of it. There is a constant threat here when farming, you have to watch the enemy and it’s often advantageous to strike them while weakened as well.

Throughout the nights I’ve played in the zone now we are continuously pushing the enemy as they are us. Our guild revels in the PvP, as do some of there’s so it’s a fun fight there and because of this those on that side that don’t are generally protected in their space. The night goes on like this but at certain intervals in time a rift type event spawns with increased mobs. These also reward tokens and at later stages, with more difficulty even more and eventually a boss. with people being overwhelmed at times by these an easy wiping tactic is to attack while they aren’t looking. More tokens for you then.

If you’re not into the PvP there are options here. Hasla is considered a shared zone like Halycona so when it’s in peace the factions can’t attack each other. Your own can still flag but in this space with a ton of people around you’ll be pretty safe. (Unless a whole guild, like us flags to kill someone we don’t like hehe). There are also dungeons too and if you like gold the AH has gear as well… it’s not as fun but are alternative ways. So far I’m up to 38 of my 150 tokens which is ok for a couple of nights farming… Weapon on the weekend is likely and from there probably arena fighting for honour.

Looking at all this even this short step will take a week of work to attain and that’s just the first step. There is so much more to do if I want to and that will take far longer to achieve… a  month or more is likely even at my continuous stage and that’s maybe middle of the line gear. That crafting system just goes so far and the higher you go the far more expensive it gets and weirdly, I’m kind of ok with this.

My other Recent goal Accomplished has been crafting my very own Farm Cart. She’s so pretty and I named her Betty Ford.


It cost me about 320 gold to make in the end with the major component being the thunderstruck log, with a base price on the auction house of 260 gold…and that’s reasonable. High demand and low supply of the item makes it extremely expensive. There where other elements involved here too, some iron and wood, and also expensive oils. And the plan costs 50 gold itself at the general merchant so it isn’t a cheap purchase at all and took nearly every last piece of gold I had.

Now though I can easily do my own trade runs carrying 3 packs at a time which is just a huge deal for making gold. Each pack from Hell swamp to Solz nets at least 10 – 12 gold.. each and during that peace time i can typically do about 2 to 4 trips to a mid way point. So a run nets me about 80 or more gold. Doing this consistently is my way of reaching those end game goals. Slowly but surely farming up the gold needed for them. I’m also doing my dailies pretty regularly as well too as the higher plans are worth an absolutely fortune if you sell.


On the road again

On the road again

Apart from this I played a bit of Mass Effect 3… finally. It’s been a long time between playing number two but now with the new pc the time is right. I saved my mass Effect 2 save and copied it over two so, hopefully will get to start of with the characters I had left from last time. So far it’s been pretty standard Mass Effect stuff although they seem to go a little overboard with trying to pull those initial emotional strings. A kid getting killed, a crewmate murdered and a new big bad to defeat… oh and that bastard elusive man guy…. hate him so much.

Not much to report on the story yet as that’s pretty standard too. Just getting back into the swing of things and the general goals of encouraging the other races involvement in the war being unveiled. The visuals are still pretty stunning especially those large vista spaces and space scenes so I’ve been taking a lot pictures. The character… eeeehhhh. Still the same uncanny valley type faces and movements. And Fem Shep looks like a junky with those weird gangly arms.

SO far James, while coming of as a total douche in the beginning is growing on me. He is cocky, like football jock cocky but I kind of like his recklessness. Especially the bit where he flew his shuttle into the enemies. Definitely looking forward to more especially seeing those older characters again… Maybe even some more hot but totally awkward Garrus action



Bragtoberfest Update

This Weekend several of us joined up for some newbie Moba action in Strife. Now Strife is a relatively new Moba so the amount of characters is quite low which made it much easier to understand. It also has a more accessible design with a few of the stats like power being completely standardised although it still completely confused me in the beginning.

It is a fun game though where it counts. A little easier to play then LoL or Dota due to the limited types of skills and such but still requiring that ruthless, quick thinking style of play that is key to the genre. I was still quite bad at it and our good friend Izzy lorded it over everyone as the ganker supreme but it was a lot of fun playing with other bloggers.

Oh and the characters are really adorable.

I’ve been clicking a lot in the Indie Game Axon and so far my best is 32 k.. BEAT THAT


It’s a fun game that really requires some quick thinking to get the right path, those particularly coloured ones or just to out maneuver the rival red axons. SO many times you get into a rhythm of movement as well that suddenly gets stopped and your left trying to think where to go next while your circle gets smaller and smaller.

Dungeon Master

So far I’ve been leaning to creating some sort of political based murder mystery. A few parties vying for control over an estate after the owner deceased but also elements of trying to hide corrupt practices. It seems a common theme in general lately, well not the murder part so writing it would be based on my own experiences and knowledge but then putting a fantasy style twist on it.

There are a few elements I really just don’t know about and I want to keep it, at least partially within the lore of the game and franchise. This means reading a little about the ruling parties and main people within the governance and maybe even general laws about it. Of course most of it is just made up soo.. we’ll see how it goes. If you have another idea you’d want created give a shout out otherwise I’ll start building my construction during the week.

Take care everyone and may your carts be full of fuel for life


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    • Yeh… And it gives great experience with those potions too. Also levelling crafting seems to actually be useful too as you make things for you or what you do make others will probably need.

      I’m not to far on many yet… Leaving that till I hit 50 but my husbandry and gathering are making steady progress. Think I’ll be 10k from animal killing soon haha. Oh and my larceny is a few k now too haha

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