Bragging Bits in MMO’s


One thing I’ve always liked about mmo’s is that there is always something to brag about. I’m a boaster at heart and I kind of get a deep feeling of satisfaction from being able to show off my virtual assets but it’s more than that at times too.

Mmo’s often encourage you to spend a lot of time in them and many of the items and interesting pieces require huge time investments to attain. Most of the time I see this as a good thing as it often means to me that these items have more personal worth. Some things are awesome based on the design alone but other things, even the complete useless are just held dear based on how hard it was to get.

I admit to enjoying others being jealous of some of my things. Having a farm cart in ArcheAge now you can see a little of that in the way people look at you while on their donkeys as you drive past. It just makes you, and what you have feel that much more amazing. On the other hand feeling jealous as well can be a good thing too as it has often made me want to strive so as to achieve more. To be better or understand more.

There are lots of different ways to brag but each seems kind of important in it’s own way too. Some more important to me but all have been part of my enjoyment at times.

Content Brag

We all have a few of these that we have either enjoyed shoeing off or lusted after. A dungeon or raid to attain that amazing weapon with cool effects and that will give uber DPS. That rare rng drop to fill out a look or just give a new special abilitiy. Or the pretty Pet we just were dying to have. This can be either PvP or PvE at times but it is a time where we attain items we love to brag about, that people look on as status symbols of skill and time spent.

Grind Brag

An effort in perseverance at times but something I’m guessing we’ve all done as well. Its a brag item that we will often curse with every fiber of our being. We will weep after spending hours getting nothing, grit our teeth with perseverance and pray to whatever gods we think might help. And then that moment comes of pure bliss. We see it in our bags, a piece of gear, the amazing fluff item we’ve been searching for or just something else personally interesting and we are at peace.

Explore Brag

Our continuing mission. To find new shinies and places of interest. To travel above the mountains and around invisible walls. To boldly, go, see and find what nobody has seen before and then of course brag about it. Or at least add it to the wiki

I play way too much Brag

Every MMO seems to have a few elements of this kind of Brag. The type of thing that only the most hardened, dedicated and absolutely insane of players will ever achieve. So of these are the tasks to put every waking hour towards for weeks, months or even years at end. New ways of playing or just completing a task in a way no one has done before. It can just be the elusive end of an mmo. Where you have done everything in a certain area; every craft, character of profession. The Brag to beat all brags.

I’m so smart Brag

One of the harder Brags to pull off as it requires critical thinking and intimate knowledge of game Systems. It is the people that work out the algebraic equations for skills and the way stats interact but they’re a rare breed. It’s also the daily style of player who works out there our class combinations and rotations. The people who play the auction house or just those working out optimal paths for many parts of the game.
Equations of damage. These are the people with intimate knowledge about the game and they are not afraid to brag about it.

Skill Brag

The brag that comes down to more than just how fast you can click. It’s your ability to play that at times encompassess cognitive, social and physical abilities. A lot of content in mmo’s does get quite hard. Raiding and dungeons are about the knowledge and execution of fights which can be quite testing. It is playing and coordinating with other people. In times like PvP it is being able to apply adaptive strategies in an instance. They are a game that can and do test people’s abilities and of course there are always some that stand above the rest.

Achievement Brag

THe modern MMo creation that it seems we just can’t do without now. They offer a great guide for player activity and small term goals to work towards. They show places and things that you might not have seen otherwise, the developers breadcrumbs for the player to follow that can take up quite a bit of time to complete. Some can be quite cryptic and others a long term collective effort. They often come with titles too which make for good bragging material.

Creative Brag

An element that has seen a huge resurgence in recent time. Landmark has been bringing up the creative aspects of the genre with their fantastic but complex creation tools, and the player created things coming from there are just breathtaking. Other housing places that while limited still scratch that home decorator itch while being a bragging point between friends. Other creative outlets are the wonderful creation tools of games like Neverwinter and Star Trek Online that let you write creatively as well as develop a space for it. Other parts are of course the more basic elements of character appearance. Creating a character or an entire wardrobe is a huge bragging point for the genre as it can represent your personality, your involvement in the game and your knowledge of the many parts to attain the pieces.


There are of course many other elements to Brag over in MMO’s but these are my main ones. Over the month I’ll be telling a few of my own stories with some of these brags and would love if you shared your own. Of course mine will be better but whatever =p

8 thoughts on “Bragging Bits in MMO’s

  1. This is a really good post, Eri, I never really thought that there were different kinds of brags that could be separated out from each other.

    I really get the Grind Brag, it kind of defined my alter ego as Dahakha the Insane. Getting that feat of strength (Insane in the Membrane) before it got nerfed was my most enduring legacy of what I accomplished in WoW. I even created /emote macros so I could /twitch at will and make people nervous.

    • haha..sounds cool. I love a good grind brag were you killing stuff for a long time on end. That feeling of elation when it frops is amazing too.

      I do a lot of them although i have to say skill does rate up there. I like to be considered as a good player

    • oo I like this one.. I don’t by too much but the pre order and ce stuff is great. This is the kind of brag that will get a lot bigger though

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