LInk Dead Radio: Community Critiques

The Links

First a shout out for the Gaming and Entertainment network, a great new site where some wonderful Podcasters are collating there episodes for you.

I meant to have this last week but Polygon
had a good talk with Chris Metzen, one of the senior vice presidents about the growth and direction of Blizzard. It explores a few elements like the massive growth, titan and new direction being taken

  • Aggronaut gets a little pensive when looking at the death of a genre. How as a community we seem very critical of mmo’s, the fall of titan, sadness in watching Wildstar and the lack of big titles on the horizon pushing the genre forward in the mainstream
  • Gaming SF looks at the level of Hyperbole within gaming culture
  • In an Age looks at the data of gamer demographics over time
  • Weekly Wizardry makes a statement that paying not to grind is pay to win, based on what mmo’s provide and the usual goals
  • I’ve had a laugh at a few of the post over at Hardcore Casual this week and his coverage of Archeage, especially the Trion being Trion posts

The Vids

Costume Quest 2

Styx Master of Shadows

Evolve Big Alpha Trailer

Lara CRoft and the Tempole of Osiris: coop gameplay

Children of Morta

Little Big Planet Voice Actors

Video Game Locations

life is fuedal

Big Hero 6 movie