Progress Report: Bragtober Buddies and Archeage

Wow do these weeks come around quickly and I always seem not to be prepared for this so hmmm. I did stuff… fun stuff. Not busy stuff or outside stuff…. just fun stuff.


To elaborate a bit further i played a tonne of games over the week and actually more than just Archeage which is really weird. Oh there still was a tonne of that but I squeezed in a bit of time for other gaming pursuits as well as the BRAGTOBERFEST events and such.

First if you want a full round-up of what everyone’s been writing and playing head to IZZY… he totes has my lazy ass covered for this. And yes, i said totes.

The Big Event Last weekend was heading into Path of Exile were a few of us joined in for some new character fun. It’s great that there is a free Diablo type alternative out there and not just a clone or a cheap knock off either but a complex and multifaceted Stand alone title. And the Ftp aspects are very well done too.

It was a great day and while we ran into a few troubles, ie., me making a character in the wrong league twice it all went well from there. We killed, looted and the the group scale up model of the game works great too. MObs were a little harder to take down and more numerous but still a lot of fun to do.

Smashing stuff... what i do best

Smashing stuff… what i do best

There were some issues with the quests though eventually. We had some DC’s as well as late comers and they all need to catch up the storyline or get left behind on that. It only rewards a few skill crystals, which you can find or just by but it’s still something you want to do as you go.

I was surprised with just how flexible the map and instancing system was though. With people in a groups needing a mob we had already killed. It would have been a problem but it was rather simple to just start a new map instance and have everyone enter that.

Everytime that I start playing Path of Exile I want to play more but it always seems to catch me when I’m more consumed with another title. Hopefully I’ll getting their again soon for some more Cooperative Play.

There was a great recap at Why I game and

The Flash Game for the Week was Axon and I had a good time trying to click my way to victory but it seems my efforts were in complete vein. I just can’t match some of the other bloggers out there. Murf Blitzed to the lead early on with a huge 98k but then Jeromai, of Why I game broke the 100k mark and that was it.

For this week I have a silly little one that gets rid of a bit of that twitch aspect to some more planning gameplay. You can take as long as you want with the placement but the further you go up the quicker the movement..


An insanely cute game where you stack up cakes, getting extra points for being precise and then launch your king to eat them all with getting score multipliers for how long you can keep him continuously eating.

And here you go, an easy score to beat for the Start… NOW GO and the cake is not a lie… it’s yummy. Oh… and Classic mode too

bandicam 2014-10-15 00-11-46-635

This weekends Event to meet up in, I believe will be Team Fortress 2. Load up, stock up on ammo and I’ll see you in there.

and that about wraps it up.

For Archeage I’ve been making slow but steady Progress. I completed all the end zone quests that give me gear so, I atleast have the basic stuff now which will help out a lot. Instead of getting the light armor bottoms this time I opted for the plate. The armor doesn’t give too much of a benefit to dps or healing, the stats are nice and all but the bulk comes from the weapon. I did this because archers seem to be hitting me really quite hard atm, and those battlerage stun/trip specs decimate my health so quickly and I’m hoping the extra armor helps. WEnt from 10% mitigation to 20% so … probably a little.

I have my Hasla Staff now too which I got last night after a long group grind with the Guild. Ended up getting 50 tokens that night which is actually quite tough. It’s a competitive zone for tagging stuff; not to bad when it’s in conflict and with the guild as you just kill or threaten any coming close but a lot of it was in peace time which means just being the fastest to click, not so easy on an aussie ping. I found, with my skills the conversion shiels and antithesis was a great tagging combo as it hits then almost instantly. Still hard tagging between all those archers but actually possible.

Showing off a little

Showing off a little

WE tried the Dungeon GHA and for the life of me I can’t remember the actual name… greater something something. Anyway it’s an extremely tough little dungeon. The packs of mobs aren’t too hard and we got through tose quickly but those bosses have quite a few mechanics that really test the group, especially the healer and Tank.

This was my first time actually healing in the game too as before that I’d been content leveling sorcery more but Vitality had been one of my specs all the way through so it was at 50 as well and I’d picked up the healing club while questing. Talk about trial by fire haha. These fights do a lot of damage to the group if your not careful, and even if you are. The second boss is constantly jumping around and putting bleeds on everyone and, as a healer it seemed the damage being put out was a little overtuned.

You see the mana cost of heal spells are quite exorbitant so you have to be rather tight with them. Some of the bigger ones can spend thousands of your pool of around 10k. You have to balance the cost and need of those i your party but also factor in a little self sufficiency, that is to say the ability to chug pots like an idiot which is what we were all doing. I was also having to chug mana pots at nearly every cooldown and, mana food when able too during these fights and there where times that I still wanted more.

For a first time through we got down the first two bosses but after an hour and a half of play… 30 minutes waiting for someone and the phone call 30 minutes probably running back and we called it quits at the third boss. She seems more manageable but I believe a Cloth tank is needed for it due to the magic resist.

It’s some interesting design here as I believe a lot of these fights are being designed with the flexible class system in mind and your ability to change up specs to suit the fight. You need certain skills to make some of them easier or just a focus in another aspect. For the second fight I believe have a cure per person would be really beneficial as well. I’m wondering what the other dungeons will be like now too with how they ask players to adapt.

I’ve been steadily making gold too. A fair bit and got up close to 400 before using a lot of it. The Farming cart really tends to help here. I wait till Hellswamp and Halycona both go into peace and then run as many packs as I can. I tend to dump them in a midway point at Dewstone just to get more out of that zone first and then continue the runs. This has made me a reasonable amount of gold. I believe 200 just from the weekend.

Maybe more if I could only remember where i parked

Maybe more if I could only remember where i parked

I think there are better methods of earning, Fishing seems a big one but this is a rather steady method for it and plus, I usually just watch a show or catch up on blog reading while watching my cart. I am finding out though that it might just be better to wait a few hours or even a day before handing them in after a full peace time farm run like that. A lot of others have the same idea as me and this takes down the price a lot. It goes down to nearly 100% on the weekend and then back up past 120% on the weekdays and that’s a couple gold extra.

I also finally got my thatched down now. The Farm space I had was great but owning 4 properties bumped up my rent a lot  and it was getting hard to afford with labour. I decided to rearrange my land a little, as well as that of some guildies and Put down a thatched in the same place. It was a very nerve wracking affair as I had to leave a huge space open all at once which anyone running by could have stolen. Luckily no one did and the plots went down well. The gold I had been earning lately also helped to set this up incredibly quickly as I just purchased all the materials and had the thatched up in a night. Quick and easy.

Home sweet thatched home

Home sweet thatched home

My next step is to buy one of the small plots next to me and then, I can put down my large farm again. The thatched gives a tonne of space but with that and a large farm I’ll be able to funnel a lot of goods straight to the marketplace while only owning 2 properties. It’s times like these I’m actually glad to have some plots in Hellswamp as the competition for spots isn’t as fierce and it’s not as costly.

Next week in Archeage, Apart from earning more and more gold I think I’m going to have to get more stuck into the PvP. I’ve been doing a lot of Open pvp but just none of the actual arenas and my honour earnings are rather pitiful. There are some great things to earn there so I’m going to have to try. I’m especially interested in the cloak/scarf that gives a stun/trip break and immunity. That knocks out a huge issue for my class in pvp atm. I’m also in a bit of a ganking mood and itching to test out my Hasla weapon a little. I’ll probably suck at it since the class I have atm isn’t that imba for ganking, although i could put in shadowplay…hmmmmm. Daggerspell be a little op hehe.