Tales of Trolling in Archeage

I have a confession to make…I, and the people I play with are terrible people. Heinous people who have committed unspeakable virtual horrors just to entertain and amuse each other. And Archeage gives us a world to do that in.

We are a group that while, maybe consumed by certain carebear aspects, ie., me spending hours farming and trading it is still the PvP elements that draw us in and keep us entertained. Many nights so far we have been entirely engaged in PvP, a whole range of activities but still things that involve killing and annoying other people… and within Archeage it’s been amazing. It gives us a lot of space to enjoy killing within, mechanics to abuse and places to control but also a lot of reasons too as well.


Hasla, a zone on the East continent has been the primary PvP hot spot.  A little corner in the south East has mobs that drop a Special Token that, when you’ve gathered enough you can trade in for your first major level 50 weapon. NOw there is only so many mobs and the respawn only so quick. There are also a LOT of people at the moment vying for the real estate here so it is in a constant sate of war (except when in peace). Both factions fight it out here constantly and I’ve had a great time here tussling for space here against the other faction.

You continuously keep a look out and control your space, killing any who come near and pushing back the groups getting close. All the while tagging as many mobs as you can. Farming is rather boring at the best of times but this, this keeps me entertained. Of course for us farming is but a secondary activity here and killing reds the primary. We run across the entire zone for hours, continuously killing any we can and by the end the reds are pushed back into their tiny little corner.. job done and a job we should probably be getting paid for.

Of course, it doesn’t stop here as we have certain Kill on Sight guilds. Those that have killed us before, stollen packs or just talked shit to our members. This die as well with a little flagging here and there until the leave the area. Getting rage back in these cases is the aim so trash talk is encouraged hehe. I kind of feel bad for them but it’s funny seeing a group of 20 plus flag up to kill one person and leave everyone around them alone. Would make them a little paranoid haha.

Of course there are also times where a giant 50 man SYnapse blob just rolls over the top and spawn camps you soooo.. it’s give and take.

Ocean Antics

The area of the outlaw and it’s kind of fitting to have the Guild name “Kelly Gang” in this place as it is a story about robbing people to help yourself. Of course some of us take it a bit to far by wearing that bucket head piece but it’s still funny.

This is a huge swath of land for people to travel across and it seems it is a very busy stretch as well, nearly at all times of day. There are still people making that trade run to the other continent in order to get their quest finished and the large farm reward but not that many. Luckily there is still heaps to do out here and the type of activities has gotten even more diverse, bringing many into the thieves playground.

Trading cross continent is still a big activity. The Resource to be gained are still extremely useful and needed for a lot of the high end crafting. They reward decently too although, for the gold their are safer runs to complete out there. There is a lot of trade happening for the guilda stars. You get two if done properly from this run which can add up ridiculously quickly and a lot of people are after getting more of these. There are huge trading ships filled with packs traveling to the other continents and we’ve had fun hunting a few down.

These often have a few people on board, maybe even some scouts around them but the bounty within is often worth it. I’ve been on board for one attempt now and there is a special kind of thrill to be had with killing someone and then stealing there boat. A big boat. Not all of them have packs some often it’s just fun to go for a joy ride for them and better… blowing them up which is more time within a ship on the seas.

The other people to find out here are the sports fishing crew after those big catches. These become trade packs as well and the decent ones worth dozens of gold so well worth keeping an eye out for and even flagging up so as to attain. Then there are those out there treasure hunting, deep sea diving for gold or lost trade packs at the bottom of the ocean. With the fights going on here many ships have been destroyed and people killed with their packs, which then float to the bottom and remain for a given time. All these people are out there to find and steal from.

I don’t know about you but naval battles are just fun too.

Freedich Island fun

A couple of days and nights here now and wow are there some serious battles to be had. People and groups are often camped here around the clock all waiting for action… and tasty trade packs. Dropping them off here rewards 4 gilda, which is truly massive. A few regular runs with a trade ship here and you’ll be purchasing anything in the game you want. There are a heap of things on Mirage island to purchase and use with it or you can sell these plans and earn huge gold.

It’s often very quite here. A few rare packs coming in to contend over. A keen eye watching for those in stealth trying to hand them in. Stealing these is great. All the cost and risk for them is put on the person trying to trade them in and you just get to benefit from that. Of course they get 1 gilda out of it, so it can still be worth it for the crafter but you get 3. Totally worth it. Of course it it’s mostly sitting around between this and keeping an eye out but yeh… mostly silence if you have a big enough group.

Mostly those coming here know exactly what they’re doing and accept the risks and are prepared for PvP with a guild and ceratin specs. They know what they are doing so the fights can be tough and tense. There is no peace here either… everyone attacks everyone and it often doesn’t matter if its green or not because the pack is the goal and anyone else that can take it is the enemy.

Of course there are busy times. A trade ship coming in protected by a group of people… these are fun and you get a large ship afterwards for about 10 minutes. Then there are the large armadas. Some of those huge guilds get together for a run all at once and they pour onto the island and you see ship after ship unload.. one after the other. There is no hope attacking these but it’s fun to try haha.

Ganking Games

Of course the other thing to do is just run rampage through enemy territory. Our guild rolled up on the WEst Faction of Kyrios and it seems we are dramatically the underdog. Questing there has also been gankers running around the zone, through the housing places and crafting spots and just killing people at will… Here… it is finally our turn and it feels soooooo good to get a little payback.

It’s actually kind of amusing just how different the east side is with their daily habits. It’s an area that has had no where near the amount of troubles compared to our own; ganks are the rarity and so you see a lot more doing their regular activities without that constant fear and preparation. The zones in war are still very active with people crafting, farming and just AFK.  A few times we’ve even found people doing a trade run, and with carts IMAGINE THAT… a trade run in a warzone. Of course we killed them, destroyed carts and stole packs. Being no where near a trade in point we just dumped them in a river too. It’s sick and twisted but by god we kind of hate them at this point and it seems it is our job to put the fear back in them which I think we’ve been semi successful so far but we can only do one zone at a time.

The best time is when a zone is in the war state as that rewards honour. Small amounts per kill but all of it goes towards buying some much needed upgrades. We run around during these times and kill as many as you can… it’s fun and feels oddly satisfying. You can see the tells and yells in chat about us too and even though you can’t read it it gets you fired up for more. To bring some of that hate. It’s what faction fighting is all about.

Of course the end position with that for us isn’t just aimless killing, it’s nice and all but not the only thing. I don’t even neccessarily do it for the honour, there are far better ways of earning that than random ganking. Through this you often get some of the better fights. Getting the call out in a zone often draws certain PvP people out. Those that enjoy it and are skilled who want to try and stop us. With the funny numbers, differences in specs and the changes in environment and terrain these make for some amazing fights. Far more fun then arenas.

It’s a great thing that there is a part of the game where trolling, ganking and generally being an ass is actually a big part of the game, and rewarded. It creates a far more interesting dynamic to the world that helps it break from the same static, linear themepark grind. It’s also good how the constant dynamic of wolves and sheep was actually approached in a more thoughtful where it’s allowed, encouraged and integrated into core systems without requiring that people always be involved.

Fun times ahead and we’ll see if they can improve on this foundation going forward.