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One of my first Kickstarters has actually paid off now and really, it was the one that set off my interest in funding these ideas. I love game art, concept art and anything related to the development like this and kickstarter projects nearly always have art as part of the pledges. It’s just interesting to be involved in the process and in recent times many game companies have been that much more willing to show off their art. I watch quite a few dev blogs for this kind of stuff and one of my favourite Site segments is Fine Art over at Kotaku.

I even enjoy the stuff that’s just related to gaming, artists that create things as a homage as it’s interesting to see how people interpret and inject their own style into these characters and games.

That Brings me to the Book I just recieved called Everyday is Play. It was a kickstarter that finished up September 2013 and has been in the works ever since. It was a project that aimed to have prominent artists and companies share their work within the industry. We have developers, publishers, artists, creators, media, and even a few dealing with peripherals and merchandise. It is this wide selection of those involved with gaming that made the project so intriguing.

There were a few setbacks with the project, isn’t there always, but I finally received it this week. And it’s amazing. It is far bigger than I expected and it contains a huge variety of styles within. I’m impressed with the construction, the collections and even the little interview parts with a few key contributors. There is so much here that I’ve been looking through for a while; first quickly to get a glimpse and now careful going through. Reading every piece and pouring over the artworks. I’ve even been checking on some of the sites linked to get more of an impression.

So, if you’re interested in game art and architecture I really i can recommend. Now that the project has completed it’s available on the Game Paused website. It costs a bit but it’s so worth it.

Everyday is play Everyday is Play Everyday is Play

2 thoughts on “Everyday is Play

  1. That looks amazing. I enjoy looking at concept art too. I buy a lot of collectors editions of games just so that I can get my hands on art books and soundtracks.

    • I really like it. Even the little interviews form business creating stuff are kind of interesting like the emulator console designs… And especially some of the architectural buts about game systems. Oooooo.. And the paper craft characters are adorable.

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