Crazy for Kickstarter

So many more good looking projects this week so why not share a few more I’m interested. I actually haven’t pledged to any yet though, A have a glut of games already and have quite a few kickstarters I’m still waiting on. I’m also rather broke until next pay sooooo…

Flame In the Flood

Looks to be an exploration based RPG within the American Wilderness and centred around some kind of post societal America. Apocalypse or just the lonely wild. Survive the wilderness by scavenging for food and items, crafting what you need. It’s a game about survival and it gives you two modes, the authentic survival or traveling down the rapids.

It will be a roguelike situation as well: Permadeath, procedurally generated but fleshes this out with an interesting narrative. in depth system of needs and an ai ecology.

Impact Winter

Another survival rpg but this time within an apocalyptic winter wasteland with all the stuff you’d expect. Scavenge, craft, build a base and fulfill a collection of needs. This time you will have a group of survivors to look out for but that can also be involved in the expeditions. It seems to be even more about exploration than the former as you have an open world to explore in a top-down view and the goal being to find what’s out there. Many mechanics of uncovering new areas to use, as well as grow too.

There will be a range of events that randomly, or due to certain actions become apparent and require you to make decisions in order to solve, finalise or make do with over time. Decisions will of course affect the group, an individual and your ongoing play.

That which sleeps

A strategy god game that deals with you being in charge of an ancient evil with the goal of… what else, world domination. As an ancient evil that as awoken you will need to gain followers and grow in power but also try to avoid the notice of the worlds heroes who will try to stop you. It looks to be a game about resource management but also a backing of infiltration. You use agents to seek out new followers, spread your influence or create chaos with which to take advantage of.

It looks to be a really interesting new take on the strategy genre whose primary gameplay isn’t micromanagement and Civilization building but mroe that of a disease. Festering away within and passing on as quickly as you can. Infecting minds and consuming bodies.

Elegy for the Dead

Engage in a narrative journey across strange lands but also about creating that journey as you go. It is a game focusing on the art of creative writing by giving the player a backdrop and actions to encounter and ponder and then prompts for writing about their experience with it. It is a game where you get to have a part in crafting the narrative and they aim to have the ability for people to share their stories. It’s a very intriguing idea that I have no idea how will actually work.

8 thoughts on “Crazy for Kickstarter

  1. I backed Elegy for the Dead , mostly as I’m a big fan of Dejobaan games.
    Kickstarter is dangerous, so many things I could back, the worth part is often not getting the backed item for many months.

    I tend to star projects that I’m enable to back but i would like to see succeed, mostly so I can keep an eye out for the finished product.

    • Oh it is very dangerous. I have a couple hundred tied up at the moment and that’s not even counters ting the huge chunk I put into Camelot Unchained.

      I have a heap I check up on too.. A growing bookmark folder that’ll I’ll need to look through and organise again haha

  2. I backed The Flame in the Flood and Impact Winter. Was thinking about blogging about Kickstarter, but you beat me to it! Been a while since I’ve backed Kickstarters, so it’s nice to see so many interesting projects rolling right now!

    • A lot of great ones and even last month there was a few too. It’s a good system there as it seems the titles that are interesting and doing something new and different do rise to the top.

      The only issue is waiting so long for it haha, especially when you’ve backed and the keep sending all these amazing update emails. STOP REASING ME!

  3. Kickstarter is becoming a wallet minefield for me. Perhaps that makes me a sucker. Perhaps it makes me a moronic optimist. Or, perhaps, I’m helping usher in a new way for games to be made. It really could swing any way, this door.

    Either way, I’m genuinely excited for this time in game dev, and I really truly hope that it brings forth fresh ideas and forces people to take a new look at how games are created, funded and come down the pipe.

    And besides, I’ll take being an optimist over being a stingy cynic any damn day of the week. I look cuter smiling anyway. :3

    • I like to take it as a vote with your wallet kind of ideal. People bitch about the lack of diversity in game, not just characters but stories, mechanics arts type and a whole range of other things yet, it’s here where these products are. I feel kind of good that I’m helping grow the industry with just spending several *cough hundred cough* on kickstarters

      So yes… Optimistic sicker haha

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