Link Dead Radio: Private Personas

The Links

  • Mama needs Mana has a personal post the problems with time and engaging with others I’m a meaningful way. It’s an issue I’ve had problems with lately as I have so many posts I won’t to comment on but never get around too.
  • Check out the contains Moderate Peril for a great Podcast about game reviews, objectivity, ethics and the style of content people want to read.
  • Null Signifier gives a long but interesting discussion on the virtual rights of the avatar
  • Bio break makes a few points on how to make Guild Wars 2 a little more sticky and I do have to agree with his points
  • Mr Luvva Luvva continues talking about horror games with this time making a comparison between cerebral scares and jump scares.

There were a lot more talk about gamergate and my position now is officially BORED with it. Bored with the idiotic arguments, the hyperbole and just how completely unfocused the whole movement is. So if you want discussion about that well… sorry to disappoint but there ar plenty like making some excellent arguments.

The Vids

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel … while I won’t be buying it just yet it does make me want to go back and play the previous again.

Gameboy Start Screen compilation

animated Earthbound Tribute

Kingdom Come Deliverance

Dreadnaught Gameplay

Star Citizen Planetside Demo

Evil Within


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