Couch Podtatoes Episode 18: Talking Points The Sequel

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Me Vs. Myself and I

We’re back, and it’s episode number 18. This time around I decided to be a little lazy and throw together the sequel to our show “Talking Points” from a couple of months back. Rather than do the typical format show, we just do a little cross promotion for TGEN, recap the goings-on with Bragtoberfest, and then dive into a varied discussion about a number of different articles, all of which you can see below in the show notes. We also had a fellow member of TGEN join us in the candid discussion, Roger Edwards of Contains Moderate Peril! It was a lot of fun getting different opinions on all of the different talking points, and we hope you enjoy!



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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 18: Talking Points The Sequel (runtime: 1:25:42)

TGEN Cross Promotion/Bragtoberfest recap (starts at 1:22)
Discussion: Talking Points (starts at 14:39)

Discussion Links:
Talking Points

State of Play…

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