Progress Report: Bragtoberfest Recap


Another week of gaming and this time, being constantly harassed by Doone to play his games. I did succumb to one this week and it seems like a few others succumbed as well. COLLUSION OH MY GOD!!!.. anyone the game we all seem to be playing, or more aptly, watching is the interactive screensaver “Mountain“. It ‘s a mountain. A game about a randomly generated mountain, with random comments, with random junk crashin on it.



Why yes Mountain. Yes it is.

I ended up calling mine George Gorge and surprisingly you do get rather wrapped up in the idiocy of it all. In the absence of any narrative you kind of make up your own about the mountain and the random junk crash landing on it. It enables you to play music as well with the keyboards and I’d find myself for 10, or more minute periods just playing random tunes to the mountain I made up. Often every time it made one of it’s philosophical statements i would cue in a few keys, just to tell george that I’m still around… I think that makes George happier.

I see some of the others playing it like an actual game as there are certain songs that cue actions to happen and make some sort of barrier atmosphere surround the mountain protecting it from oblivion. I’m more meh about that. That’s not what Mountain seems to be about. There’s no win state, no, competitive aspects or things to uncover so such actions seem rather meaningless to me. George Gorge is happy the way he is, and so am I.


The FPS Event seem to go really well with a few turning up for first, some action in TF2 and then in Killing floor. UNfortunately I didn’t make it which was a bit sad. I’ve never played tf2 and it does look like a fun multiplayer shooter but a case of the Sleep in Sundays had me and getting out of bed would have been next to impossible. I heard a lot of the others having some fun with it and IZZY has a good account over on his blog.

Next time for sure and I think i’ll still try it out in the future.

For next week’s event we are meeting in the MMO of your choice. The poll has seen quite a few response although at the moment it’s overwhelmingly for Archeage which leaves a few questions there. Is that going to be ok with most people. Archeage early game is mostly just regular questing, rather average questing.

I’m fine with getting together as a group and levelling new characters that sort of stuff can be a lot of fun but for those that voted are there other things you want to do. I could probably whip up a clipper to sail the ocean for a morning of piracy orrrrr… yeh. Just looking for thoughts on this, and especially those who voted for it as I’m not sure if Archeage is the right choice to meet up in.

I’ll leave the poll up for another two days so continue to cast your votes and hit me up here or on twitter for thoughts on it.

Murf won the flash game again so whatever… moving on. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLEZ. can’t somebody beat him. Knock him down a few pegs and show that he isn’t the best and greatest flash game champion.

For this week I opted for a classic. Or more to say the epitome of Flash Awesomeness.


One of those runner style games that I’m guessing everyone has played but this time your a rainbow unicorn.. what could ever be better than that. Also… I’m terrible at it. Will pay with games anyone who beats Murf with it because it probably won’t be me. Seriously. you win, your choice of game.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Archeage is still a thing. It is seriously just draining away my will to play other games and it’s times like these I’m ratratherad I never got into farmville.  That shit be addictive and archeage has all that time waiting and time grinding, upgrading nonsense that taps into the deep corners of your brain to make you a drooling drone.

Instead of giving a report here I think I might try and make a few shorter posts with my progress in areas. Might be easier to read and also because I hear the call of my farm. bananas to pick and sheep to murder and this post has gone on too long already. Also becasue I spent way too much time making silly combinations in Little Alchemy instead of making this post which in turn… bananas need me…

3 thoughts on “Progress Report: Bragtoberfest Recap

  1. That’s pretty much how I treat MOUNTAIN too. Puppy just is. I don’t get why one would want to self-induce annihilatory rain of fire onto a poor defenseless puppy. If it happens, then yeah, panic and defend it, but calling it down? That’s a meanie godling right there!

    I’ll join ya in TF2 any time. Just poke me. Aussie TF2 servers and me play fairly nice at 200ms or lower, and you could probably survive in Singapore servers at similar latencies. Let’s make Izlain join us and play at 250ms or so for once! 🙂

    I… won’t be coming for Archeage. One, no disk space on current computer. Two, not really interested in installing something that’ll dump a hard to remove anti-hack program into my system. Three, I think I’ll be either up to my armpits in hardware and electronics this weekend or running around GW2 on ultra-pretty settings squeeing…

  2. To be honest I kind of forgot about the flash game til it was time to pick another. I played it maybe twice. I accept your challenge of trying to beat murf (who seems so forlorn and left out above), but I do not require prizes to do so. That means we need someone else to take second place to me, but also beat murf. Can this be done? Time will tell.

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