Now that I’ve got the gear basics, the quest gear and Hasla weapon I’ve been focusing more and more on the crafting aspects of Archeage. I’ve been farming all along, bananas and sheep to make a little gold and for trade packs but the other trade skills have mostly gone untouched. Well not entirely, it’s funny just how much the random crafting you do refining things and such actually gives you over time so I have a reasonably amount experience in quite a few crafts.

I’ve only used a handful of those labour positions during this first month so, I do know a lot of people that are much higher than me now in one, and even a lot of things. Using those regularly gives a lot of extra labour. I’ve been happy with the amount I get though, there is a lot I would like to do but I’ve been content enough with the bit of farming and trade pack running I’ve usually been doing and the progress I seem to have made as a result.

archeage  crafts

Now though, I am feeling a bit more serious about getting one of these trade skills up. Gear is quite important and I do seem to be lacking a bit. I get matched quite easily in our group fights when focused and my dps is average at best. It’s also because crafting is a great way to level you alternative class lines. There are a few more I want right now and have been levelling Auramancy, Defence and shadowcraft and these are in the 20s.Getting them to 50 is my next major goal as then I have access to some more defensive classes.. and stealth.

I could have gone with weapons, or one of the armor crafts but those get rather expensive quite quickly and while they do produce items that are worth a lot I see a lot of people doing them. We a relocation ready have a few in guild quite high up. Soooo… Handicrafts. I first picked it because it also makes housing stuff, and housing stuff is neat but you can also make accessories which you don’t really get while levelling. There is quite a strong need for them and some of the better quality 50 rings are several hundred gold. It’s a great levelling craft too, gives decent experience and the shards/dust needed are far cheaper.

Apart from a small amount of farming that’s what I’ve been spending every last bit of my labour on. Tonight was a big crafting time as I had saved up the 5000 labour to use with the vocation tonic which gives a huge boost to experience earned by using labour. By the end my extra classes were up past 30,with auramancy in 40 and I had a tonne of accessories ready to sell or continue up to craft with.

There is one problem with Handicrafts though, and quite a big one. The other crafts become a huge RNG grind for quality when you get to the lvl 40 mark. You need to regrade here in order to get quality up but it can ruin the item. For Handicrafts the rng is at every step.

To craft the next level of accessory you need an item from the previous tier, but not just any. You need the specific stamina version at a 1 in 4 chance. At the next tier it happens again, you can only use the stamina… And again, and again. This goes all the way up to the top quality and, if at any time along that you don’t get stamina that’s the best tier you’ll get. During each tier of crafting there is also a rare chance of the quality upgrading too, otherwise you need to spend serious gold doing that. Some of the materials are quite expensive and basically just gone if the rng gods have decided. There is a way to get around this a little, by breaking down these accessories you get another item that can be crafted into the stamina one. It takes four of these to convert this way but at least it’s something.

I was actually reasonably lucky in my first big craft for a ring. I spent about 80 gold getting a ring all the way up to illustrious my first time with two quality upgrades. Then it gives me the life on at the end… Poo. Still decent with the 1.6% increase to damage but the other types could have earned me another couple hundred gold should i have wanted to sell and give better buffs.

Looking at it though, while the entire system is an rng nightmare, the living hell of all mmo gamers it really isn’t too bad in the end. The items that result due to the time, money, labour and luck used are actually worth something tangible. Putting your money into crafting, serious crafting will earn you a fair bit of gold in profit. The issue of course is have the capital to start, to buy the needed materials in order to craft a few items and still be safe waiting for a return on the investment. I don’t have that at all just yet.

The other great thing about crafting here, be it rings, necklaces, weapons and armor is that it is all freely tradable, even after you’ve equipped it, no bind on idiocy to be seen for crafted items. A guild can swap around things as it’s needed to the person or group that currently needs, and then swap it afterwards. It makes an already rather group oriented crafting system even better for guilds and small group. The other part is that when you outgrow these items you can sell back to the market in order to recoup some, or all of the costs.

It’s a very complicated system. One at first that appears to be rather abhorrent with the amount of grind and gold required but with a few key mechanics it becomes a system that i think is beneficial to an mmo. It is an inclusive system that promotes groups to work together and gives items inherent wealth… a big difference from the usual inconsequential crap that is often easily, and quickly replaced.