Couch Podtatoes Episode 19: PvP-Side Up

Check it out.. I get a space to rant and ramble about my love of open world PvP. How it can enrich an experience but also a few of the pitfalls. Oh and talk about Archeage a little.
I think there were some other people with me too but WHO KNOWS!!

Me Vs. Myself and I


This week we’re diving into the PvP debate, and though it’s a topic we have all covered on our blogs over the course of the years, it has been renewed with issues surrounding ArcheAge. The latest Contains Moderate Peril is sort of a sister show to this one, and they seemed to cover the side of those who don’t really PvP much. We offer the other side of the coin, as all of us have played and enjoy PvP and the dynamics it brings to the table. Welshtroll, whom has been our guest once before rejoined us for the discussion. We all talked about our early PvP experiences, what types of PvP we’re currently participating in, and our opinions on this mode of play. We covered many different community posts in the conversation as well, and you can find links to those below. Enjoy!

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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 19: PvP-side Up…

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Archeage and Pay to Win

I have an admission to make about Archeage. One that pains me to say but after a lot of thought is something I can’t ignore. Archeage is Pay to Win. Now I don’t mean that in some kind of esoteric “Every FtP game is Pay to Win” kind of way but that Archeage falls trap to the issue of buying power that gives a distinct advantage over others.

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