Link Dead Radio: Expansion issues

The links

  • Murf gives the same conversational but meandering style of post i enjoy but this time, asks for a call to conversation about elements of games where you have had a special connection that has made you tire endless with certain personal goals
  • The Mystical Mesmer is wondering about Guild Wars 2 and whether an expansion is coming or not. and backed up by a few key statements in earnings calls with NCsoft.
  • Inventory full follows this thought up by looking at the inconsistencies in the conversation surround an expansion by both earnings calls and developer interactions.
  • Weekly wizardry adds to the current PvP debate talks about carebears in PvP games
  • If your interested in elite Dangerous Levelcapped has you covered with some great write ups about mechanics and experiences.
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob wonders if guilds should have levels and looks at the changes with Wow and guild integration over the years
  • There was a study posted on the NPR blog about the gender gap in coding that could be worth a look.
  • Short gamer has a few thoughts on Gamergate that expands on my own

The Vids


Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer

Legend of Korra Launch Trailer

Witcher 3 Opening cinematic


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  1. “And really, a revolution? I can assure you that if it wasn’t for the once in a while tweet or Facebook post that I saw, this GamerGate stuff is pretty much unknown.”


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